Review of E book: A Thoughtful Pursuit of Strength

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  1. chicken_hawk

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    Oct 28, 2010
    My review of:
    A Thoughtful Pursuit of Strength by Chad Wesley Smith

    Ok, so as an amatuer pling programmer I truly enjoy the theory of programming a routine more than actually competing. Not so much the actual science of muscle contractions, but setting up sets, reps etc...

    So, in this vain I purchases the above ebook and was pleased with my $37 purchase. In a few words it was perfect for me...maybe not everyone...but I benefited from it. The book discusses the hows and whys of creating a strength routine. It is well written in laymens language and for better or worse doesn't get too sciency. It does however discuss all aspects of training and how they relate to the other aspects of training.

    For me it helped to put all the experiences I have had and seen into a clear picture. It was like I was looking through a fogged window before and couldn't make out how sheiko, smalov, 5-3-1 and westside all fit together. After, I can connect all the dots and realize why and gow each one works and relates to the other. It gives you a big clear picture of recovery, training effects and organization of a routine. The book does not give you details on exact sets and reps. So, if you are looking for a book to plug in some numbers and incrase your total then this is not it. But, if you want to know why your routine is or isn't working then this is the book for you.

    For what it is and for how it helped me I am giving it 4/5. I would have liked to see some more examples of putting the science into practice. That being said the book still lives up to its name sake.

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    Dec 17, 2013
    Great to hear you enjoy reading it.
    From the Oracle company I stopped downloading their free ebooks along with newsletters
    because always they called me the next 2 days and asked me how I use oracle software in my company.
    Last time I got another call after one year silence and I was glad to hear his voice.
    I explained my situation and that I regret to have no momentary purpose of buying some licence.
    Now I have payed €3,50 in Google store for Tapatalk Pro. That's OK for me now.
  3. chicken_hawk

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    Oct 28, 2010
    I could see how that gets old really fast. I am no fan of tell a marketing. I haven't done tapatalk as I don't want them to have any of my private info.


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