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    Nov 2, 2011
    At LifeXMD we work mainly off refferal business. Should you have a family member or friend you feel would be a beneficial candidate for one of our services you can actually make money helping them. How this works is once person X orders whom was reffed by you, a credit is built on your account. You can choose to use this credit towards medications (assuming you are a client and have gone through the steps) or we can simply mail you a check. Every new person you send our way, you will be paid on for there first order. The payment is 10% of the medication ordered. If you are interested in helping friends lose weight, feel great, and making money at the same time contact me and I would be glad to discuss options further. This does have the ability to turn into more than just a refferal position for people who have a passion for helping others I should also mention. I just wanted to let everyone know and show you we truly appreciate you recommending us to others.

    Thank you and feel free to ask questions.

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