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RC Repair Recovery Update



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Feb 15, 2013
I'm 7.5 months post RC Repair surgery on my right arm. But today i'm celebrating a small victory on the road to recovery....for me anyway.
Yesterday morning, during my workout I did my first assisted pull up since my surgery. YAY FOR ME!
I've been doing pushups now for several months. But never tried a pull up. So I decided to give it a go to see how it feels. I did 2 sets of like 8 reps and stopped. After first set, when i was raising up, i didn't notice any pain. On the way down either. Then after the first set, I stopped for about a minute rest, waited to see if there was going to be any pain/assessing everything that my body was telling me. Nope, nothing. So I did another set.
Felt good. Now that I know, i will def be putting them back into the routine.

Did deadlifts the other day, very light. Felt great, shoulder was fine.
Also did shoulder presses in the smith machine rack, with no weights. I'm just having slight trouble with the arm not setting right, so i'm worried about my form.

Happy Lifting y'all

dan gable

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Dec 27, 2017
Congrats! Be carefull how wide you go with tour pull ups. Narrow tends to be easier on your shoulder...


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May 23, 2011
Slow and steady. It's working again don't get ahead of your healing. It sucks to have that much downtime but in the long run, you'll be way ahead going slow and letting your body tell you when it's time to move up.


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Feb 15, 2013
Hey @ITAWOLF , thanks for reaching out. Appreciate it. All in all, coming along OK....slow and steady wins the race right?

I've been working on getting the strength back. I've been doing more unilateral training.
I did do some shoulder bar bell presses in the smith machine rack. I did a few sets with no weights whatsoever. It felt great, i really, really wanted to add weight, but with all the other shoulder exercises i did that day, i did not add weight. But the couple other shoulder days i did add some weight and it felt great thus far.
I'm stayin away from flat bench press. So for chest i'm doing flyes and stuff. I haven't done a dumbbell bench press yet, that is on my list to try it out and see how it feels.
Believe it or not, i was doing some upright rows and it felt fine. I know that that move is not very shoulder friendly, but it didn't bother me.
I did some weighted deadlifts and it was fine. Pretty modest #135, so i'll probably add weight this week on my next go around.
For squats, i've been doing the safety bar squats. They are fine on the shoulder; hacksquats, they are fine too. I just have'n't done the regular squats. I think i can do them just fine actually. Maybe give it a go this week. Again, i'm taking it really slow......

In general, i have a gnawing ache in my shoulder that comes and goes throughout the day. I figure it is all part of the healing and strength training process. So i have dismissed it for now, but keeping an eye on things. It comes and goes when i'm not doing anything.

I've modified my diet to shed the fat that i took on during my brief bout of depression when i thought i retore my RC. I have incorporated cardio, but only 20mins a couple times a week. I don't want to up cardio, usually modifying my diet will do it. If i feel i need/want to shed more fat, i'll up it. Give it about 2 weeks more for that. I feel puffy and i hate it, but i'm working towards not feeling so much puff....bikini season about to open up! So when I shed some fat, i'll post up some pics as progress. Need to get to a point where I can see my lines again LOL.


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Dec 9, 2010
VERY good !!! I get the ache myself from my pec tear to my bicep tear ---both repaired and stronger than ever
its really crazy is my left hip has been replaced in 08 and I have zero pain or aches --- but the right one now that's a different story
all scans show it to be healthy and good shape

I do the same about cardio --- not much of it but I do use DNP a lot --mostly in short runs of 2 weeks or less ---but have done long
just depends on my travel times and how many times I have to Take Clients out to eat and I stuff myself

just take it easy ---give the body time ---for whats that worth......

im heading out to see my mentor in NM (clarence bass) and pick his brain some on his thoughts of low bf etc
i stay below 10 almost year round with dnp ----thinking of trying to bust down one last time to sub 5% but im gonna have to do some cardio lol

glad ur doing well..... keep pumping away and you will get there

bikin??? lol sure u look great now