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    1. One of the most frustrating things to me is not necessarily a lack of results, but not being able to explain why besides maybe some crazy mechanism. I have had a pretty good cut so far, 11-12 weeks in so far and waistline is down about 3 inches and most of strength/size is retained. But sometimes things will seem so random. E.g. one week I switched from cheat days to just moderate carb ups and fat loss doubled, then the next week lowered calories even more and added more cardio and I barely lost anything. Went back to a huge cheat and cut cardio in half and fat loss went up even more.

    Been sticking to one big cheat on Fridays and the other days 1400-2000 (yea, low) and things have been on track. Then suddenly this week the last 2 days have been 1400 calories, pretty much just direct protein sources, vegetables and diet soda/gum, I have had 75mcg-100mcg T3 both days (previously was 50-75mcg), added an extra dose of 1.25mg letro just in case there was a water weight issue, had 600mg caffeine from coffee and lo and behold today after 2 days of that I am exactly the same weight and waistline. How do you explain that?? I have legit gear and letro, pharm grade T3, doing the cardio, cutting the calories and I don't even get a drop in water weight or anything really from that? Cannot explain that.

    While it might seem like not a big deal for 2 days I am on a time-line as my cycle is over in 4.5 weeks, and I am somehow slighter fatter today than this same time last week so it's really like a full week stall. Suggestions? I'm considering just eating at 4000 calories the next 3 days to kind of restart things and then try a big drop to basically PSMF levels (~1200) for the next 6 days so that by next Friday's weigh-in I'll still hopefully be close to on track

    2. What would you guys suggest if someone still isn't as lean as they'd like to be after they cut? I started this cut with almost a 37in waistline....held it well but still the fattest I've ever been, and my goal for the end of this 16 week cycle is 32in waistline, which if I hit it (if things above get back on track) will be a little leaner than the last 2 years' cuts (ended at 32.5in on so last 2 years) which is great and all since I'll be ~10lb heavier, but at 32in I'd still be 10-11%, which is not bad but ideally I'd get to 8%. Having said that, it seems like the worst thing to do post cycle would be to keep cutting when you're in a far worse hormonal environment, and I certainly don't want to use my next cycle (3-4 months from now) for more cutting as too much cutting has always been my biggest reason for lack of long term progress, so maybe I need to suck it up this year and just not get as fat next year.
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    1. The leaner you get, the more important carb-ups or cheats become. You have to get leptin levels up to spur the body on to release more fat. Be very careful dropping your calories. If you go too low, you will stall. It's better to slightly increase your training. Add HIIT cardio post lifting 2-3 time a week to create your calorie deficit. Also, where is your sodium level? If it's too low, you will shut down more fat burning hormones. I've been in contest prep and the last 6 weeks I've kept sodium at 7-10,000 mg Ed and Fatloss has been rapid while I stay full and dry. 5k may work for you but I'd suggest getting your sodium up. You will retain for a few days until your body adjusts, but remember it's just water.

    As far as water loss, that's easy. Either increase your consumption or supplement with dandelion root and or green tea extract.

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