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Protein powder problem?



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May 15, 2024
I have a lot of allergies also I'm also vegan, so I try to find a protein powder that has more organic with plant-based ingredients I have been using several different so far, my favorite in flavor, texture and amount per serving is Fit Extend vanilla protein powder I have had no allergies from it has no wheat ,yeast, milk, eggs, gluten, gelatin, soy, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives and salicylates. I also like Orgain and Kos let me know if this helps hopefully, you'll find one that works for you.


Mar 16, 2024
I bought some protein isolate powder from ebay|pageci:0b4ce6e2-c29c-11ee-9b04-9e37f252445b|iid:1|vlpname:vlp_homepage

which is really good tasting and everything else except, when I first used it (cooked up some cream of rice, wait to cool down then add protein powder) no stomach problems (bloating, gas, etc) , but when I got to the 4th bag of 5 I started getting gas and slight bloat not real bad but enough to be bothersome. I've been told that when you get gas or bloating it means your stomach is not digesting the protein or getting a food allergy.

I just bought some isopure protein powder and absolutely no stomach problems at all. Now could this be a quality control problem as in the first bags where really good quality and latter ones not or do you fellas think food allergy or or is a little bit of gas and bloat no big deal?
Any different enzymes in the last bag? A few years bag I got the same brand of protein I had been using and started getting severe stomach pain. I couldn’t feel hunger or anything just pain. I would only eat because I knew I had to, but ended up losing 15lbs in about two weeks due to loss of appetite. I went to the dr and they decided to scope me. After the cleansing process, I woke up starting the next morning, the first time in weeks. As soon as I got home I worked out and took a protein shake and the pain returned. As that was the only I had that morning it was easy to isolate. I read the label and saw it had new enzymes for digestion aid. I switched and never had a problem again.
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