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Primobolan - methenolone enanthate



Aug 26, 2010
Drug - methenolone enanthate The most striking difference between the two Primos is that this is the injection and Enantatform of the active ingredient. This addition - enanthate - receives this Proper nicknamed Depot. The nice thing about this release form is the only necessary once a week injection. Steroid novices can with quite low 200mg dW achieve considerable results, ie up to 6kg in 7 - take eight weeks that remain largely intact after weaning. A very effective combination arises allegedly from 200mg Primo D dW with 30mg D-bol P. T. Advanced users can increase to 400mg Primo. This stack packs quite on size and strength. Since Primobolan due to its mild character over a longer period it is said, can be taken without problems, a notable alternative would be the D-bols discontinued after 6 weeks and move on Winstrol Depot.

Experienced users the Winnies treat yourself to a day. Co-administration of twice HCG 5000iE and Dyneric a week of transition from D-bol on Winstrol increases efficiency many times. A prerequisite for this is damn hard training, a super diet and adequate rest. The first six weeks should make her pure ground training and then change to six days a week, and you look like never before. Then somewhat moderation is called for, otherwise you trained your muscles away literally. Three days a week midweight training for the next six weeks would be appropriate. You need only clenbuterol to discontinuation because both steroids are very mild - the combination should bring it well.