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Pre-Workout by WickeD SicK Labz



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Apr 14, 2012
WickeD SicK LabZ is the one stop shop for all or your bodybuilding needs. We formed our company with one goal in mind, to offer products that help athletes achieve WickeD SicK rapid results. Our obsession with perfection gave life to WickeD SicK LabZ. We personally test and use all of our products before they are made available to our customers.

Our products are specifically formulated to help awaken your inner demons so that you can keep slaughtering your workouts. Our pre-workouts will give you the pump and the power to rip and slice through all your plateaus and keep strong results coming.

After a monsterous gym session, refuel with our customized protein and recover with our WickeD SicK BCAA. Help fuel killer workouts with the right products. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. Stop being a victim of bad nutrition and use WickeD SicK LabZ for all your nutritional needs. There’s 3 different types of prework.
The site will be down till Monday.
FB page is
You can mess me here or there for any questions.
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