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Apr 7, 2012
Thanks man. I never even intended to do this one honestly, but after I decided to the plan was to do one a year, you know, to improve on the previous year's showing.

My wife and I had a conversation not too long ago about it where she expressed her concerns and the discussion lasted all of about 10min. I honestly couldn't argue with her as her logic was rock solid so I agreed with her and said this would be a "one and done."

That being said...

The morning after the show we were sitting next to each other on the couch in the hotel room drinking coffee and she starts crying again, telling me how proud she is and how good I looked.

Then she hit me with it, in that "questioning" tone. "Do you think you would WANT to compete again?"

Now, in my head I had Admiral Ackbar screaming "IT'S A TRAP!!!" But I answered her honestly. I told her "I absolutely would, but I don't think I can put my body through it again." That answer was a half truth really.

If she were ever to tell me she would be ok with me doing another one, we would talk about it and I would keep her updated even more than I did during this prep, so she knows everything that is going on, just like she did for this one.

Wow, this sounds like my situation. I love to compete but my wife has never been a fan. While she may tolerate it, I find it even more challenging to go through the rigors of prep without her full support. It's tough when you love this sport so much and let's be honest, it's an obsession. It takes a village though and in the end, priorities rule. Although I have officially "retired" from the stage, sometimes I consider pulling a "Rob Gronkowski" and give it another shot. The clock is ticking though so it would have to be sooner than later.
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