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Plantar Fasciitis



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May 23, 2011
Coming into the thread a little bit late but is it pain in your heel, your arch for both? Lower back pain can stem from plantar fasciitis because you're walking in a different part of your foot. Normally pain doesn't radiate up it radiates away from your body but in some cases it will throw the gait off in your walk. Lower back issues can be so many different things from tight piriformis doing a 90/90 stretch is a very simple way to work on that. Just look it up online it's a very very simple stretch. Stretching medial glute.

If you have planters fasciitis find an ART specialist and let them work on your feet normally they can address that and fix it within two or three treatments. If you can find someone that has a radial sound therapy machine you can fix it in one or two sessions. The issue with radial sound therapy it's normally very very expensive and very limited availability. I use it in my massage therapy work. Technically I'm not licensed to use it so I advertise it as massage but it penetrates using low frequency sound waves way deeper than a normal ultrasound. I've had clients come in with plantar fasciitis and with one 5 to 10 minute treatment which is about 5,000 hits with the radial sound wand it's fixed.


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Sep 21, 2010
Knowing you're a big guy, I doubt you run. If it's a soft tissue issue you can try the fillowing...

1. Use golf ball or tennis ball and roll your arch of foot as well as Achilles tendon and side of feet(they'll hirt like hell). Best you do this before sleep, you'll sleep better, and good sleep restores many things..

2. Improve length of Achilles tendons and soleus muscles. Use calf block or do runners calf stretch everyday.

3. Train tibilaid anterior. I use lying leg curls and actually sit on it facing the foot peddings. I might put a bench padding under my ankle for improved range of motion. Perform dorsi flexion with light weight(like 20-30lbs) for high reps, 20+

Progress above for both frequency and weight/reps and see if it helps. If its something neurological like lumbar spine issue, it may not work.

Good luck man.
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