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Peptides/GH secretagogues/Somatropin in UK



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Jan 8, 2014
I used to train pretty hard and look after myself. No chemical help, and nothing really decent but for working the hours I did I was happy enough. I’ve helped source anabolic so for friends, but at this stage with 13 months of no gym, I’m finding I have different priorities before I can lift heavy again. Right knee has a persistent meniscus issue and both shoulders have anterior rotator cuff issues. Went to main doctor and got the “rest” maxim. I’m 43. It’s getting on my tits and my lack of progress is frustrating.

OK, boring whine out the way. I’m wondering if BPC-157 site jabs would help, or if rHGH is a better approach. I’m in the UK so I guess I’d go to an anti-ageing clinic. I’m naturally quite suspicious andreckon that >95% of BPC is going to be glorified shite.

Am I way off an just need to get surgery? (Doc said it’s not separated just time will let it heal but it won’t be as strong as it was)...I’m holding my weight with diet but feel weaker and look worse- it’s fucking properly stressing me out. It is worth trying MK-677 as a Ghrellin antagonist? Realise I’m rambling and clutching at straws but I’m getting to the end of my tether.
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