Other gym member's behavior???

Discussion in 'Female Training Discussion' started by nousername, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. nousername

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    Mar 30, 2014
    Thank you all very much for the feedback.
    hear something weird? I haven't seen that guy since that day. And I really haven't adjusted my time of going. Its weird b/c he was a regular this entire past year that I've gone to that gym. And when I say that he was a regular I mean that he was such a regular that it wasn't unusual to see him there twice a day every day for a week. I think it's weird anyway
  2. DLTH

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    Oct 30, 2011
    Not to rehash this but nobody said you were enjoying yourself but if you ended up practically working out with him you weren't really telling him in to firm a tone to leave you alone. I'm not a tool, I'm actually a nice guy. :) You should have used that type of language with the dude and maybe he'd leave you alone. Every girl gets hit on in the gym, but I don't see many having a particular issue with it.
  3. sassy69

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Karma? Maybe someone called him on his creepiness and he's gone somewhere else, or even better, he's staying home reflecting on his behavior for a while....
  4. tommyguns2

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    Dec 25, 2010
    Maybe the dude is a member here, and now feels like a dirtball! LOL

    Just glad you're no longer having to deal with that problem.
  5. Dr_jitsu

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    Apr 21, 2013
    Guys like this ruin things for everyone. First, establish a zone where he does not cross. If he moves into that zone you move away. Pretty soon it will look like 2 boxers bobbing and weaving.

    I like Anytime fitness, because it is empty at night, and I can do crazy super sets. They have personal alarms to wear around your neck. Wear it. If he keeps invading your space, hold it up with your thumb on the button.

    Touching: This is a message to all guys, do not touch a woman unless she touches you first. Wait for it, it is usually just a light touch on your shoulder. Learn to recognize "buying symbols" from women. If she like you, they will be there. If not, move on while being a gentleman. If you do so, she will appreciate it. In fact, it may actually cause her to become interested in you.

    By funny, not creepy. When I go to anytime fitness, if there is a woman there and no one else, I stay away from her. If I know her, I will take one of the wearable alarms they have and say "now that I am here, you should wear this." Don't do this if you don't know the girl, however.

    If you want to date women from the gym, here is how you do it: First, your training needs to be spot on, and your body reflects that fact.

    Next, don't hit on her like you are at a bar. Instead "demonstrate excellence in her presence." For example, she is doing squats incorrectly. Demonstrate perfect form, and patiently help her. Once she is using proper form, ask, "do you need a spot?" If she says yes, bingo, that is a buying symbol.

    But don't get creepy with the spot turn your hands over so that only the back of your hands touch her. At this point, say "hey, I need to get back to my workout....either get her number, or arrange training together. If she refuses, or does not give a counter offer, move on. Do not waste any time on a women who is not interested in you.
  6. nousername

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    Mar 30, 2014
    very well said
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    Nov 1, 2012
    all i gotta show is the bundy abs and they come flyin over
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    Sep 9, 2010
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    Jan 9, 2012
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    Jitsu at the gym....

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    Bro Bundy at the gym

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    and here he is at the club...
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