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Old guy came up to me...



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Sep 5, 2012
I'm about to be 40. I can tell you this, cause my nieces and nephews and younger coworkers say this to me all the time. 'Your old but you don't act it'. I see my Dad, my Mom, my family and my friends. They are old and act like it. It has nothing to do with how old Iam, it's how I view life. Ya I may take a nap more often, ya I got more gray hair than I'd like, ya at end of night my vision may get a little blurry, ya I can't stay up almost 2 days straight anymore by choice....but I don't let that stop my from learning about the world still. I put people in two categories in life, those that still take in the world and learn, and those who don't. Promise you all the ones that act old, just stopped wanting to engage anything new, any new hobbies, or accept that hey maybe they are some things modern that are more efficient and better than how I grew up. Some stuff that comes out of their mouth may be 'man what's wrong with kids these days', or 'they don't make them how they used to'....'I aint driving no electric car'. It literally comes down to that.

It breaks my heart, cause when I start to see people as they age isolate themselves, not embrace the internet, not embrace technology...I know it's over for them, they have peaked as a human in my eyes and its all downhill.

I remember the moment I literally saw the split in how people age. Xmas 2 years ago, all 6 nieces and nephews, gf and I were playing Mario party on the Nintendo Switch. For those that dont know its a video game, based around a point system. Its a bunch of mini games, similar to the ones at Chuck E Cheese, etc etc. Simple, buttons in order, or have character jump at a said time over a log etc. You get the point. It would be 2 v 2. Gf with a nephew, my with a niece. We take turns, winners continue. We offered for any parent or grandparent to try. Not a single parent or grandparent entertained the idea. 'I don't play games', or 'video games are for kids'. It's the same idea elsewhere. Playing sport uncomfortable with, instead of understanding it important to future(kids) and keeping them relevant with kids, they just isolate themselves and age themselves into obsolescence.

Wrinkles, grey hair, no hair, aching bones, needing a little more sleep, metabolism slowing down do not stop anyone from finding a way to adapt and stay youthful.

Sorry for post, just something that irks me as I age and I don't wish it on anyone.
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jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
I was hoping for an Epic @jipped genes story....
Sorry, many are not family friendly. I don't want your lady saying "I don't care if jipped did that, you are NOT!"

GF, also my face does not give that badass vibe, more like I think this guy was dropped on his face from a two story as a baby and is "special".

My mom tells me I am special every time I talk to her.

Getting old sucks but I feel it is a badge of honor to get old and still be stronger and tougher than those young people I see with man buns and starbucks.
BD Cool

BD Cool

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Dec 1, 2011
I can definitely relate. I recently got my license renewed... my picture came up on the computer screen and I said to myself "Fuck!! I'm old!!".
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