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OKC School District hires Elementary School Principal Drag Queen



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Jul 7, 2021
On the subject of grooming;

And yet child beauty pageants where sexualizing children is the entire point are somehow permitted to continue. Hell it's so acceptable to sexualize children it's broadcast on national TV under the Toddlers with Tiaras name. Pedo spank bank material being broadcast right into the comfort of their homes, how convenient.

Wake me when the "protect the children" crowd does something about the children dying in public schools. In fact, maybe if these bozos were really supportive of protecting children as they claim I'll even take a symbolic gesture such as, say, not wearing lapel pins of the tool used to slaughter children as a start. Eh but some things are a bridge too far for shit-heels.

If the goal of all this is to prevent sexual abuse of minors, wake me when do something to stop the regular abuse of kids who have been sexually abused by the church. Abuses that American tax payers have paid out to victims: I don't want my tax money going towards kiddy diddlers but I guess enough people are cool with tax dollars paying off pedo's to look the other way.

3 billion (with a B) dollars paid out to victims who suffered abuse at the hands of clergy. recent,compensation to sexual abuse victims.

This whole culture war against gays and drag queens has nothing to do with protecting kids, absolutely nothing. If protecting kids was the goal, there is a laundry list of things with a higher return than going after Bob who likes to dress up and call himself Barbara to read Dr. Seuss in a public library. Just another scare tactic to get people to hate their fellow Americans. It's the Red Scare all over again. No wonder they're trying to ban/burn books and deny history, we've been down these roads before. If they didn't we could learn something about how all this plays out and see through the demagogues bullshit. Na, better to keep people stupid and filled with hate.

I am so fucking tired of all this cheap outrage bullshit.

I don't give a shit about drag queens.


Jun 12, 2023
You are absolutely correct. Can't dispute anything. I can tell you why it won't be changed. Although, the average adult imo is more sincere but, may not understand or know how they can help, compared to the politicians that have the authority to make most decisions addressing this. Another reason why it's not addressed, money, labor, power, and international relationships. Human trafficking which will be the blanket statement is extremely profitable. That kind of profit causes corruption from some, not all government officials (politicians on all levels, law enforcement, judges) when it comes to protecting domestic children it's not going to happen because politicians on both sides use it as a rallying cry. They don't want to change anything they want to wait for the next newsworthy event so they could go out and make the rounds and pander.
Back to trafficking if you want to change the voting demographics don't address trafficking or immigration laws. If our country stopped giving hands out, people would not pay to be trafficked here. pay could be in cash, indentured servitude, selling your kids, being a mule. Child sex trafficking absolutely legit thing I have no idea where those kids are going or what happens to them but it's disgusting. Actually do have an idea but that's irrelevant. So now we have linked trafficking, sex trafficking, drugs, politics, money and some. localized protection of children we have linked back to politics and pandering. While not impossible to address the issue it does make it hard. I'm sure quite a few politicians went in with the best of intentions then stayed for all the wrong reasons. As for protecting the church and clergy that comes down to control. If I could get religious leaders imams bishop, priests, rabbis, deacons to carry an agenda that I encourage fuck yeah I'm not going to look into their crimes. That's where investigative journalism has made such progress. COVID Perfect example of the religious leaders carrying the government s bags. I do understand that the COVID topic maybe polarizing but. With all the behind the scenes emails and documentations that are being released, it proves we were lied to. In no way am I saying COVID wasn't real or covid did not kill people I'm saying the information the government provided publicly was a lie compared to the private information they had an intentionally misled or lied.
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