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Ok...just stop Newbs Read



Sep 8, 2010
I know this is a beat up subject. But I still think it needs to be brought up often, and hammered home.
Its a sign of the times, some 135 lb skinny 18 year old joins the forums, and thinks getting gear and starting to use it will be the answer to get big.
Why not, look at the bigger guys. THEY ARE ALL USING, or HAVE USED IT? Right? That's gotta be the secret, right?
Well, I would be willing to bet they didn't start using gear from day 1. Just a gut feeling on that one.

Thanks to more and more forums popping up ran by complete jackasses who only care about making money, and have no experience with bodybuilding and therefore no business giving advice let alone owning a board, there is more and more promotion to new members to go ahead and jump on the stuff as quickly as possible. After all, new members are potential customers, nothing more.

So the AAS are perpetuated and idolized as the holy grail of muscle gains, all else is diminished in comparison. Gear is paramount, while sound nutrition, training and rest are just dusty antiquated techniques for natural bodybuilders only.
Gear is now seen as a 'catchall', shit most any drugs are seen as this great equalizer, insulin, gh, DNP ad nauseum.

If there's a problem with your physique, an injury, a lack of fat loss, or muscle gain, there's just more drugs to help get things back on track. More is better is the mantra.

These are just sad times in my estimation.

If you are a new person and you just joined the forums, and have happened to stumble across my bitchy, angry, little post; please read on.

So you have started down the road of trying to 'enhance' your physique. You think drugs are the big answer or the next step in the evolution of your quest for a better physique...ok...Im not here to talk you out of it.
But if you havent done the neccesary training as a natural bodybuilder enough to understand the basic foundation of stimulating growth, you are allready shot in one foot and have the gun squarely aimed at the other.

There will be people who will say that AAS and other bodybuilding style drugs are the ONLY way to build a good physique. Well Im not gonna tell you they dont work, or thats bullshit, but certainly AAS and other compounds are only one peice to the puzzle.

Drugs only make proper nutrition, training and rest better....thats right, they only enhance those 3 aspects of physique building.
If you dont understand those concepts or employ them properly, drugs are enhancing shit.
I am just a bit sick and tired of posts whining about being midway into a cycle and losing weight or not noticing some kind of 'feeling' as if the drugs are to blame for your lack of results. Bunk gear does come along, but very rarely are the instances of trainees complaining of lack of results or loss of weight on a cycle ever have a lot to do with some improper protocol of drug use.
As many times as a new study comes up or another guru tells us that the current school of thought on AAS, peptide, and slin use is all wrong, nobody is doing it 'right' for long. There's always a better mousetrap when it comes to drug protocols...or so it seems.
Yet some trainees make gains despite the improper use of drugs nonetheless.

Its pretty fucking simple really. They took the time to learn, how to eat, how to train, and get a good amount of recovery and rest to optimize growth before employing drug use into their physique building system.

I'm going to try to outline a few basics that I think are extremely important that you need to understand and grasp before you attempt to use drugs, or if you all ready are but don't seem to make any gains just the same.


Has to be the most neglected aspect of training PERIOD. Plain and simple you want muscle, you need to eat a pretty decent amount of food.
Minimum 5 meals a day. And meal timing is very important. Eating meals every 2.5 -3 hours is very important. Also getting the proper amount of macro nutrients in each particular meal.
You need to get enough protein per meal, after all AAS enhance protein synthesis. That muscle you hope to gain is made of amino acids, those aminos come from your protein intake. Its simple, don't eat enough, don't gain muscle, you can pump a gallon a day of AAS, no protein- no muscle.
I like to start with the estimate of 1.5 grams of protein per lb of lean bodyweight you have. Take that number and divide by 5 (meals per day) and that should give you a rough estimate for protein intake per meal.
Remember this is just a rough starting point, another lovely aspect of this game is you will need to continually re-evaluate your diet, along with training and rest.
Gear is not gonna make up for a shitty diet, you don't eat enough, then don't expect the gear to move the scale for you.
I hear it all the time, "I'm eating all the time, cannot eat any more" I find that's usually just a shitty horseshit excuse for laziness. If your not putting on weight, your not eating enough period, so shut up and eat.

Carbs will depend on if you plan on trying to gain muscle, or cut bodyfat. For the purpose of this post I will use a number for gaining.
Depending on your metabolic rate I like to start with anywhere from 5-6 grams of carb per lb of bodyweight...again this is rough and only a starting point.
Glucose ties in with insulin release from the pancreas, insulin is the most anabolic hormone the human body produces, so getting enough glucose at key times is very important. The first meal of the day and the meal following your workout should have the most carbohydrates, and post workout should have a good deal of them being simple sugars.

Fat intake should be from Essential fatty acids, and naturally occurring fats in the protein sources you eat. Try not to consume so many omega-6 fatty acids, as they promote inflammation and usually are way to prevalent in western diets. Try to consume omega-3 fatty acids as much as possible, fish oils are a great source of two omega 3's DHA ,and EPA. These are especially important if drug use is in your future. Omega 3's promote anti-inflammation, blood platelet aggregation, lowering of blood pressure, and cholesterol, concentration and brain function, anti cancer and anti diabetes properties. Trust me if your using or planning on it, you will want Omega 3's in your diet.

I could copy and paste a book or two in here of training methodologies, and still not cover all the methods out there that work for training. I'm not gonna do that here.
What I am gonna say is this. Use a training method that works for your level of fitness, and time frame you have for training during a given week. But one of the most important things is this, if you go to the gym to train, THEN TRAIN FUCKING HARD! Don't be one of those dooshbags who thinks pinning himself a few times a week gives him some fast track to gains using lackluster efforts. If you use AAS you should have no excuse to go and contract your muscles less than I contract my anus when I take a shit. Get in there and bust your ass, or don't, but dont bitch your drugs aren't working when you don't train worth a shit. The flip side of this is, just because you use AAS doesn't mean you are indestructible and cannot overtrain. Unleash the beast, but be intelligent about what your doing. Train hard but maintain the balance, if you end up in the overtraining zone, no amount of drugs will really help you out of it, in fact more drugs could possibly be more taxing on your CNS and make it worse.
Be mindful of how your body is feeling, learn to understand when your body is asking for an extra day off before going to the gym, and learn when to get your lazy ass in there and train, all the AAS in the world wont teach you that, just experience from training.
Your training sets up the stage for AAS to help you grow, AAS dont make your training, they enhance it.

O.k, before you read this portion. If you think AAS will allow you to stay out late every night or many nights a week and not get a regular good nights rest every night and plan on pinning yourself and going out clubbing with your hope of wearing a tight club muscle shirt, then please close this post, leave this forum and join some kiddie gearhound forum that will have other members such as yourself. Using drugs as some sort of catchall for a partying lifestyle is just a complete waste, if you do it, then fine, but don't come posting posts about your gear not working or being befuddled as to why you cant gain muscle, you are wasting the other members and vets time to attempt to answer your questions, go read the stickies, and then go look at porn, but please don't post up your waste of bandwidth.
If you are half way interested in gaining some muscle then know rest is extremely important. Look at any sleep study about sleep deprivation, the body's whole chemistry changes, muscle building is not the focus, your body will store more fat and your urges to eat crap will be more...not too mention, if your not healing, and recovering you are not growing, all the drugs in the world will not make up for the lack of sleep. Not too mention how bad your training will stink, and how much more likely you are to be injured and sidelined.
Oversleeping can be just as detrimental, get 3 hours extra sleep and you begin your eating at a different time of day and may not have time to get all the necessary meals in that day, which ends up hurting your nutrition. Your training could be affected too, you have circadian rhythms, that your body ends up adapting a pattern too, try to do all your meals, workouts, and bedtimes as close to the same times per day as you can.
I know life doesn't always allow this, but attempt to keep it as close to the same as you can, trust me it will make doing all this bullshit a lot easier in the long run.

O.k, now that I have spat forth these caveats of info, please understand, that its your decision to use AAS. You are here on forums that have a range of experience, from green noob, to somewhat seasoned, to the very can learn from ALL of them, as much what to do, and as much what NOT to do.
And before you start posting up your post about a 'lean bulk' cycle....just stop...learn the basics, besides your cycle has a fractional amount to do with bulking or cutting, its your diet that determines that. You think running winny,var and some tren while eating pizza and ice-cream is gonna make you look lean and ripped?
Or do you think anadrol, test cyp, and deca will make you gain if you eat a couple bowls of cereal all day?
Stop cluttering up the forums with these damned posts, and start learning this shit. If you are asking those questions and your all ready on, then you are one of these people. And those of you who have been around 2 years and run a few cycles, quit acting like you know it all, you don't.
You can regurgitate all the crap you have read, but until you actually experience it for yourself you are just a parrot, with no real business acting like you know fact you are nothing more than a dangerous noob.
The fact of the matter is we are always learning in this game, you come acting like you know it all, and its a sure sign your an idiot.
This game is about constant learning and an opened mind, and when you do learn you will find that gear is only a part, not the whole, and using before learning the others is certainly putting the cart before the horse and setting yourself up for failure.
Hopefully this opens a few peoples eyes and helps guide you in the right direction...probably not, since it is too honest for some people who have been lead to believe gear is like some fairy dust that transforms a physique simply by using it. If you are a fairy duster than I suggest you just keep stubbornly posting up your shit on the forums who will just give you some blase 'more is better' post.
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Bigger Than MAYO - VIP
Sep 9, 2010
Now you KNOW the newbs aren't going to read that novel!

but it was a good post!
Get Some

Get Some

Sep 9, 2010
Now you KNOW the newbs aren't going to read that novel!

but it was a good post!
I agree, but they probably won't read mine either, haha. I tried to include videos to keep people interested, lol. Who knows.

The most important thing that I try to convey to people is that you should NEVER entrust your well being to one individual concerning AAS. Do as much research as you can by yourself and talk to as many people as you can. Have you ever asked someone a good place to eat and they suggested a place that ended up sucking donkey balls? The same goes for AAS, the more reviews you get, the better your chance of success.
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Sep 16, 2010
AJ, saw this on another board, thought you'd get a kick out of it.

have been working out in gym from last six months, but i don't see any huge difference in my body muscles. My muscles have just got tighter then earlier, but no more mass has been build on my muscles. What do i need to take for increasing the muscle mass....
any suggestions will be helpful...


Sep 20, 2010
ive read this a few times aj....def one of your best threads....atleast u have a smooth way of writeing things compared to me..i seem to smash it right into there little face...they cant take the abuse because the truth hurts....keep em coming my friend.....dw


TID Board Of Directors
Oct 11, 2010
I love the reaction this thread gets. Right now on CM there's a complete dingbat that could benefit from reading this. Trying to teach the kiddies a little something is getting more than exhausting!