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    Jan 12, 2017
    Hello everyone! A little about myself: I'm just under 5'3", currently 134 pounds as of this morning. I'm 4 weeks into a cut, with another 4 weeks (or so) to go before I begin an NPP cycle of 15mg E3D (of which I will post a detailed log when that time comes). I was wondering if anyone has used (or paid for) a female coach to help them in the on or off season. I'm wondering whether I should shell the money out on it or not, and your opinions on whether it's a good investment. I'm looking to do physique. I'm been in the gym many years, but only seriously with weights for almost a year. Was planning a competition for next June, which would give me about 2 years of solid weight training.
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    Aug 3, 2017
    Shortly, my opinion is: It's a good investment, if you find good coach for yourself.

    Sorry for replying late, but I have been thinking this same issue myself. Whether I should keep my coaching as it is at the moment, or try to find full-time coach or how do you call that?

    Few more questions about physique training and preparing for contests:
    1. Do people hire coach only for cutting?
    2. Isn't off-season as important?

    I'd think it would be good to have coach before cutting so you already have the bond between you two, and the coach knows where you coming from.
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    Lol well I can say this I do have a workout partner that is female and only pro from my state - she is more whipping boss than partner

    As for what IB said
    If ur gonna get a coach it should at least be for a true year
    Just for cutting I'm not sure about bc a lot goes into b4 u even get to the cut

    But welcome and sure a lot more here can help

    Now krav or gung fu I can help

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