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Non-Hormonal Anabolic Supplements and Women



Aug 11, 2010
The Safety of Non-Hormonal Anabolic Supplement Products for Female Usage

What do you do if you're a woman and a supplement product that you're considering using says: "Not intended for use by women"? Do you put it back and choose something else instead? Do you use it anyway and hope that you’ll be fine? Or do you wonder why it says that and try to find out the reason for it, because you really want to use that particular product?

Hormonals (i.e. prohormones, SARMS, SERMS, steroids, etc.) aside - which women should avoid and not dabble with, period - there are many supplement products on the market containing the phrase "Not intended for use by women" in the 'Warning' section of the label that are safe for women to use. Most of the time this 'warning' exists, not because the product is dangerous for women, but because it contains an ingredient that can have unwanted effects re personal female concerns, such as interfering with birth control, or affecting and disrupting the menstrual cycle – both of which you may, or may not, be bothered by. And most of the time, if you know the reason why such a warning is stated, precautions can be made, and the product can be used, successfully and without issues.

Supplement products not classed as hormonal in nature that contain this warning are usually anabolics, and generally fall under the category of 'testosterone and/or growth hormone boosters'. Many women shy away from such products, simply hearing the words, mistakenly thinking that they will suddenly develop masculine characteristics and experience other unwanted and unpleasant side effects if they use them. However, this is not the case, and testosterone boosters and other supplement products outside of the 'anabolic' umbrella that contain these 'warnings' - such as cortisol controllers, for example - can be of benefit to a woman, and help her achieve her body goals (if her nutrition and training are also up to par).

Just as many people have the misconception that weight training or lifting heavy weights will suddenly cause a woman to exhibit masculine traits, so many people also hold the inaccurate belief that non-hormonal anabolic products - like testosterone boosters - should not be used by women, for fear that they will cause androgenic side effects. However, increasing a woman’s testosterone levels through using natural and herbal supplementation is unlikely to cause such effects, as women have much lower free testosterone levels than men (6-86 ng/dl, compared to the 270-1100 ng/dl of bioavailable testosterone in men),and it is free testosterone that determines such effects; and even if a woman's total testosterone is increased, it is not significant enough to change her hormonal balance to be comparative to that of a man physiologically.

As with all things, common sense is required. The average female who has just started training, or has no experience with supplements whatsoever, should not use non-hormonal anabolics. They have no need of them. Nor do the cardio bunnies you see day in and day out on the treadmills and spin bikes; or the women who only ever take the fitness classes. But the more serious trainee, the one with a solid training foundation, who is already using the basic staple supplements, and has her nutrition and training on target, she might benefit from adding in a non-hormonal anabolic - or even a testosterone boosting stack – to her supplement regime, if it is in line with her goals.

Two non-hormonal anabolic products that are "Not intended for use by women" in the LG Sciences line-up are Anadraulic State and T-911*. I have personally used both products – along with myriad non-hormonal anabolics and other supplements with the same 'warning' - without experiencing any androgenic or unpleasant side effects – including, but not limited to, masculinization (no deepening of voice, or increased facial hair, etc.),decreased estrogen (my body operated as normal),loss of curves (in fact, I had a photo shoot, timed coincidentally with the end of my use of each product, and my curves were full and shapely, despite my leanness),and acne (my skin actually became clearer) - that would deter a woman from using testosterone boosters. I did experience enhancement of my natural aggression and libido (already high),effects that I welcomed, along with the fat loss and muscle gain.

With Anadraulic State, I did not experience any nausea, tummy upsets, or bloating, etc., even though I used the full dosage – one scoop pre-gym and one scoop post-gym - and even went up to two scoops pre-gym. For a product that is "too hardcore for women and should only be used by men over 21", I had no issues using it. Anadraulic State is definitely not "too hardcore for women", and it fast became a solid product in my eyes. Especially when I saw the results that occurred after the first 10 days: Comments on my change in physique re fat loss were "incredible" - more noticeable because I was already relatively lean to begin with, and losing that small amount of fat made a huge difference; and I was able to train like one possessed, with no 'give' anywhere!

With T-911, regardless of dosage – one or two tabs once or twice daily - I felt like I had been given a hefty dose of stimulants, and was bouncing around the house like an excitable puppy, the energy barely restrained, almost exploding from me, ready for training. My sprints were explosive, like a bullet out of a gun during high intensity interval training, and I was unable to stay still during resistance training, with plenty of gas in the tank for post-weights cardio. On top of the training benefits, T-911 raised my libido like WOW, the highest ever (and my libido is pretty high as it is),and the mix of incredible training and sex made for an awesome mood!

So, women, if you are considering using non-hormonal anabolic supplement products such as testosterone boosters, and they contain a warning that includes "Not intended for use by women", I highly recommend that you find out why it says that before you make a decision as to whether or not you use that particular product; because more often than not, if you do your research, you will find that the product you want to use is actually safe for you to use, and that you can find a way around the reason for the warning, and have a great tool to help you in achieving your body goals.