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Dec 2, 2010
I remember you used to be on MaS and a couple of other boards so welcome to the Den!

Any word from Gimp and Bluehazard lately? Those 2 guys were pretty damn cool and MaS was a great board till it shut down
From Gimp on another board:

Its been a long time on the boards for me. In early April my wife was diagnosed with what the doctors say is an incurable form of cancer. She is 38 years old. We have two sons, 5 and 3.

I am making some decisions for the well being of my sons' lives. One is that I will never "use" again. I must live my life for longevity and not take any unnecessary risks with my health.

People who have not been in this situation cannot truly understand the profound weight and sense of responsibility that has overcome me... it is all encompassing and has caused me to re-prioritize so much... many of the things I used to worry about are non-issues now... and many of the things that were barely a "blip" on my daily radar are now the focus of my life, and my future.

Ive been on the boards a decade. I never imagined I would say goodbye to all of this because of such tragic events.

Stay well my brothers (and sisters). Your health is everything, and more people need you to stay healthy than you might imagine.



TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
First off, welcome to TID dragon. Secondly, ^^^^that is some seriously heavy morning reading. I don't know the guy, but I feel for him and respect his decision.