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New NPC Division: Women's Physique (WPD)



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Aug 16, 2011
Allo Ladies!!
well, i am 2 weeks and 2 days out from competing in Womens Physique in Canada... We are having the Toronto Pro show at the same time and alot of quite established women pro bodybuilders are switching over!!.. just announced that Nicole Ball (wbb olympia competitor and Beautiful Canadian pro) will be switching over to WPD in the pro class...
there is no official list yet of who will be competitng

anywhoooo.... i cleaned up and slimmed down a bit.. sitting at 129-ish
i KNOW my conditioning is off.. but here is pretty much what im gonna bring to the stage.. please dont be too mean, its been a rough year lol.. i cant even take a fat burner, so this is 100% natty.. food, a multi vita, 2 vita c a day and cardio... oh and my liver pills lol i rule
Props! You've got 2 weeks and it really looks like you're primarily dealing w/ water at this point - so you've got 2 weeks to deal w/ it. Are you able to use any OTC diuretics? What is your water manipulation plan?

Oh yea, and props to the big FU to the docs. Docs tell you what the statistics say. YOU say what you can do w/ it. And it is quite amazing how motivating it is to be told you "can't"!

W/ all you've been going thru, I'd say you already won. It is always a competition against yourself first and everything else is just a snapshot along the way in your personal journey. If you get to take the snapshot w/ a trophy or just w/ your great results, a big smile and a lot of friends supporting you when its all over, that's a pretty good snapshot! And honestly, the minute a show is over, everyone's mind is already on the next one. (Competition is such a relative-timeframe-weird mindfuck - exhilirating - exhausting - frustrating experience!)

I'm still waiting for more evolution in WPD. I'll be interested to see how you do - you may find yourself being exactly what they are looking for right now! Even at the pro level its hard to see what they are looking for - the degree of softness continues to be frustrating - tho seeing Brazilian Patricia Mello showing up w/ nice symmetry and a nice balance of not too muscular but still some very nice detail - there is hope. The soft look just screams of "8 weeks out" to me - but it is an evolution. Because of this I think its important to focus on bringing YOUR best package and not worrying too much about what they are rewarding right now. It has the potential to just be a crapshoot at the local / regional level - dependent upon the judges and the alignment of the planets. At the very least, your involvement at this early stage of this category can go to helping shape the trend! Bring your best and show the judges what you think it should be.

I will be VERY interested to see how Nicole Ball fares. I LOVE her shape but I will want to see how she has modified her shape & presentation (I'm thinking primarily the degree of conditioning) for her WPD debut. I love her look and I think she's ideal for what WPD seems to be intended for. They have been pretty clear that they are favoring a 'jacked up Figure" shape over a "down-sized FBB" shape. Nicole has exactly that!