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New gym membership.. 4th one this year



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Jan 18, 2011
I recently moved out of state to a place where they closed up gyms not long after I got here. Fuckin bummer but luckily I got a friend to loan me 400lb in plates and a squat rack and bench... but now I gotta give them back. Had been training at 24 hour fitness because it’s pretty cheap like $50 a month but but of a drive

looking at starting up a member ship at this chain called UFC gym.. anyone familiar with it? Haven’t been in or even seen it.. I just know it’s way closer and as cheap as I been paying. Just give me a squat rack and a dead lift platform and I’m happy. Don’t need the fancy shit.
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Nov 29, 2013
. . . Just give me a squat rack and a dead lift platform and I’m happy. Don’t need the fancy shit.
There's always been a lot of pros and cons to a home gym vs. commercial gym, but if the above truly describes you, a very basic home gym might be what you want. The obvious con is finding stuff, but if you plug yourself into enough Rogue-type companies online, various items keep becoming available. Some of the companies let you sign up for email notices when "your" item becomes available, but you have to act quickly before it goes out of stock again. With the companies that don't offer that email service you just have to haunt their websites frequently to see what's changing for good and bad inventory-wise. My original plan was to just go and do one-stop shopping at some place, but being flexible enough to get the things you need from various companies as each item pops up from each company makes things go faster. Consider too if you really need Bumpers or if plain ol' iron plates will do. Either might become available before the other, but iron's cheaper and weighs the same ... horse stall mats on a cement floor can serve as a platform.


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Mar 6, 2011
Check it out and see what they got. IF it's a real MMA gym then what you're looking for should be there and they should have even more.


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Oct 6, 2010
Sorry bro I can't contribute but I do have a quick question...

Where your at now did they closed, re-open and then close again or were they open the entire time and just closed? God I hope they down start locking down gyms again. Im in NC and have a nazi governor he just allow all gyms to reopen maybe a month ago. I had to join a gym that had some type of medical loop hole where they open about month and half before the others and that had been may saving grace so far.