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    hello all...

    Well iam from New Zealand and iam 34 years old and currently weigh 100 kg ( down from 109)
    Right now iam working out in gym in the evening around 7:30 pm
    I need some help with my diet
    My meals are as follows

    8 am ...3 free range egg white and 1 full boiled egg in the morning with sanitarium energised up and go
    11 am a smoothie with oats , 2 weetbix some almonds and a apple in milk
    5 pm...steamed Veges and steam chicken

    After gym a scoop of protein in milk

    Can you please advice me should I be eating anything after my workout and it will be about 9 pm and what changes to bring in my diet plan

    I still have a lot of belly fat and iam trying to reduce it and gain muscles as well...

    ITAWOLF VIP Member

    Dec 9, 2010
    if your trying to lose weight i would just eat clean awhile after your workout ---to many people focus on protein ---if ur not a BB or SM i wouldnt add more Protein

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