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Need feedback on Insulin protocol (Novolog pre/post)



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May 31, 2021
Hi all, trying insulin for the first time. Will be checking fasted blood glucose in morning and throughout the day for some weeks before starting.

-Planning on starting 2iu pharma GH for few weeks before starting insulin
-Plan is to run Novolog both pre and post workout
-Starting with 5iu insulin, slowly increasing from there
-Using 10g carb for every 1iu insulin, will carefully reduce to maybe 7g carb to 1iu insulin
-Carrying glucose pills on body in case of emergencies

All I have are old forum posts to go off of, I don't have a coach that I can get feedback from.
The protocol below is a result of copy and pasting from other posts. (Mutant protocol , other protocols)
I'd like to ask experienced users to give feedback please.
Let me know if anything is missing, if anything should be changed.

-15 min before workout: pin 5iu Novolog
-10 min before workout: Drink Shake #1 (20g PeptoPro, 50g Karbolyn/Vitargo, 5g creatine, 10g glutamine)
-During workout: Sip on Shake #2 (20g PeptoPro, 50g Karbolyn/Vitargo, 5g creatine)
-Is there a step missing here??? A shake/meal needed?

-pin 5iu Novolog
-pin + 5 min: drink Shake #3 (50g Karbolyn/Vitargo, 20g PeptoPro, 5g creatine)
-pin + 15 min: drink Shake #4 (60g whey isolate)
-pin + 60 min: eat a protein/carb meal with zero fat

1. When to take gh?

-I've heard to pin gh in the morning before fasted cardio and not to eat anything for 1 hour
-I've read to pin gh a little before pinning insulin pre-workout
-I've read to pin gh before bed

2. Time on slin and time off? Do I run slin for 4 weeks then do 4 weeks off while taking metformin/berberine? I've had a 'coach' tell me that I don't even need to come off...but I know insulin desensitization is real

3. Should I pin insulin sub-q or IM? I know it's meant to be pinned sub-q and I've read that IM can mess with the timing?

Please let me know if any of the supplements above are incorrect, or could be replaced with something better, or if any crucial steps are missing, if there is anything you would do differently.

Thank you!
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