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Nandrolone HRT



Dec 17, 2019
I was Dx with hypogonadism in the early 90's, total was 189, had gyno that needed surgical removal on the left side. Was put on TC, 200 mg/2 wk, the standard back then. Worsened the residual gyno, asked my doc to try Deca. Switched to that 200 mg/2wk and a low dose of HCG 350 IU 2x/wk. Ran that from 1995 until 2005 when HCT and iron was really getting high. Low dose in today's world but I was about 250 at 10% body fat, it worked very well. No issues with ED or anything else. Had we known more then, simple phlebos would have taken care of the HCT and Fe. Was put on Testim instead, that didn't do shit even at 2 tubes a day that was very expensive and still had elevated HCT over time. Ultimately went back to TC 100 mg 3-4 d, get regular phlebos along with 500 IU HCT 2x/wk. No issues at this time. Interestingly in my younger years I was more prone to elevated E than I am now. Have considered adding some deca for joints, at age 62 I'm a mess, but Deca used to blow me up a little along with BP, don't need those issues now and ED is more of a problem, even considered a little masteron E for libido with the T. Everyone is different, I grew like a weed on a low dose of Deca that others probably wouldn't even notice an effect.


TID Board Of Directors
Mar 6, 2011
I feel like you said it all in your first post Vette, but maybe I just read between the lines that contained the words that answered the questions a little better...

My honest opinion is that you should try it and see. Easy way out as far as an answer goes, but you already have a buddy who swears by it, you know that there is a group of guys that do run deca with trt and swear by it (@BrotherIron ) , and you’re smart and know what to look out for.

I’m very interested in your experience because the years of powerlifting have ruined some of my joints.
For me, it's made a world of difference but I also continue to train for strength so my joints have decades of wear and tear. I also don't feel like this masks the pain but in fact, helps the joint. I only have empirical evidence but even just 100mg/wk made enough of a difference for me to keep lifting pain-free.