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Nandrolone Hexylphenylpropionate (Anadur)



Aug 11, 2010
There is no support for the claim that nandrolones require more protein intake than is needed with other anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS). There is, in my opinion, a tendency on the part of the World Anabolic Review (WAR) authors to see a statement concerning a particular steroid, and if they have not seen it for other steroids, to then assume that the property is unique to that steroid. Here, because the information packet with the drug says that the patient must be sure to consume sufficient protein, they imagine this is peculiar to the drug. It is, however, true for all AAS.

The claim that aromatization is less than with Deca Durabolin is unlikely to be correct. Because of the longer half life, for the same dose, there will be less drug in the blood during the first few weeks of use, thus creating this illusion. If blood nandrolone levels are the same, giving comparable effectiveness, rate of aromatization would be the same.

This is true for all claims made for varying rates of aromatization according to ester. I do not think such claims are ever correct given equal blood levels of drug, and they certainly are not substantiated in the scientific literature.

The claim that 50-100 mg per 10 days will normally result in no virilization symptoms for women will be over-optimistic for many female users. Only a few weeks of such use will result in some irreversible virilization for some women. This is true for substantial doses of any AAS. If a drug is an agonist (activator) of the androgen receptor it will have virilization activity if given at a high enough dose. That dose will vary according to the individual’s susceptibility, and according to the specific tissue.

By Bill Roberts
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