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My Workout plan to bulk



Aug 13, 2018
this is my workout plan and i only do cardio 3 time a week and my workout plan is 9 weeks and the fifth week is a deload week
Note: i only have to do cardio to lose a bit fat but if you planning to bulk im pretty sure thats the best plan i have if you have better than this plan please share it with me so i would try it out maybe it will help me bulk faster

First day Legs
Squats /3 sets of 10
Leg press/4 sets of 12
leg extension/3 sets of 12
Hamstring curls/3 sets of 12
Calf raises/6 sets of 30
Launges/1 set to failure
and then 15minute of cardio

Next day
Push day 1
Bench Press/3 sets of 10
Barbell Overhead Press/3 sets of 10
Weighted Dips/3 sets of 10
Dumbbell Side Laterals/3 sets of 10
Cabel Chest fly/3 sets of 12
15 minutes of cardio

Pull day 1
DeadLift/3 sets of 6 and 3 and 1
Pause Squats/3 sets of 8
Barbell rows/3 sets of 10
Last pull downs/3 sets of 10
Pull Ups/3 sets of 10
Shrugs/3 sets of 12
15 minutes of cardio

Push day 2
Close grip bench/3 sets of 10
Push Press/3 sets of 8 and 6 and 4
Incline DUMBBELL Press/3 sets of 10
Face pulls/3 sets of 10
Rope Tricep PushDowns/3 sets of 10
Flat Bench dumbbels flys

PullDay 2
4 inch Deficiet DeadLift/3 sets of 10 and 8 and 6
Dumbbell rows/3 sets of 10 and 8 and 6
T bar Row/3 sets of 10
Chin ups/3 sets of 10
Seated Alternating dumbbel curls/3 set of 8
Hammer Curls/3 set of 16

and last day is a freestyle day that i do what ever i think i need to progress more
i only have one day of which is Saturday


Fancypants VIP
Mar 23, 2011
for what it's worth, building muscle burns bodyfat at higher rates than doing cardio will. Bulking and cutting fat at the same time is kind of contradictory. Not impossible I suppose, but not very easy (and a very slow process). If you insist on doing cardio, I would reccommend keeping it moderate and doing it AFTER your workouts if you're trying to bulk
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Aug 13, 2013
Just a few observations/critiques:

Leg: On the first leg day I’d move the extension and hamstring curls to the first and second sets.
Do 5x10-12 progressive warmups. Then do the 4 sets of leg presses with a high/wide stance. Follow that with calf raises 3 sets seated and 3 sets with straight knees (machine or standing)
Then burnout with squats at a lower weight for final set(s). Alternate walking lunges in place of squats for variety.

Push 1: Cable crossovers have no place in a bulk. Do some machine incline pressing after the flat bench or in place of it if your bench is over 315. Save the Laterals for a pull day or a separate delt/arm day even better imo.

Pull 1: Don’t squat on pull day it’s a push. Do the weighted chins or pull-ups before the Lat pull downs. Use the pull downs to take weight off after you’ve killed yourself pulling you + weight on the belt thru space. Do your lateral raises now and then finish with shrugs. Shrugs are most productive when the upper back is thoroughly trashed and the traps are forced to do the most work.

Push 2: Push Press first. Majority of workload here. Lose the Face pulls (pull) and do some JM or Tate presses for Tricep overload instead of CGBP. Do the DB Presses AND flyes on a low incline bench somewhere halfway between flat and 45deg.

Pull 2: Should be Row centered not Deadlift. You don’t need that mush core/erector work unless you’re training for PL numbers or football. Bulking for BBing is more Lat width and less Obliques . BB rows done right with Tbar rows will suffice to push your hack to grow without Deads. They can be used but I’d sub in a supported row like Hammer Strength Rows (Hi and/or Low) to give the lower back a break after deads.

Curls are not a prime Bicep “bulker”. If you can chin yourself with a plate or two and Row a few hundred over bodyweight....your arms won’t need direct work during the off-season. If you’ve got a little left in the tank after any a few varieties of DB & Machine curls right before your leaving the gym.

This is by no means the gospel but I’ve been ble to get guys and some females their first real significant muscle gain with something quite similar.

Move weight, sleep and eat. Save the cables, supersets and mirror moves for cutting season when you need the motivation and ego boost that being depleted requires.
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