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My PCT Protocol



Oct 17, 2010
So I've given a bunch of though to my PCT. I will have been on for a total of 26 week when i head into PCT. This is 10week more than any other cycle I've done. I'm older will be 39 in March. My Test level before hand were at 420. I looked into using IGF 1 LR3 and naltrexone as part of my PCT plan, however decide not to use them. So here is what my protocol for ending my current cycle and PCT

Currently running 750mg/W Test E/C, 500mg/W EQ, 400mg/W Tren E, 60mg/D Dbol, 50mg/D Proviron, 10mg/D Aromasin, and 250iu twice a week of HCG. I'm currently at the end of week 17. I will drop all current compounds at week 20 or right about there. WK 21 starting Test A at 100mg/D for 10 days, then 75mg/d for 10 days, then 50mg/D for 10 days,and 25mg/D for 2 days. I will also be running 60mg/D Anavar during this time. Feb 9 last AAS pin, WK 27 Feb 13 PCT starts. I will also be starting Mucuna Pruriens WK 22 Maybe sooner.

WK 25 Feb 2nd-start 50mg/D-Clomid, 1000mcg/EOD-HCG, increase aromasin to 20mg/D(next 10days),then just clomid 25mg/D
WK 26 Feb 6-Start GH/Insulin protocol, Phosphatidylserine 800-1000mg/D(pre WO)
WK 31 Start DDA

My current peptide protocol is 100mcg of Mod GRF(1-29) & GHRP-2 (2-3 times a day) I will contuine this. I will be trying out some Ipamorelin here soon. I mentioned a GH/Insulin protocol. I will be using GH at 2iu with peptides(1-2 times a day) 10iu in total a week this will be part of a toggle at WK 26. I'm currenlty in anabolic phase, and will be toggling towards fat loose at WK21 and plan on toggling back the other way again around WK 26. I have this all planned out in my head...I should mention I will be contuining on with the CPWO the only thing I might change in my training. I might take a step away from the DC training...Not sure yet...I will also be changing up some other supplements but this is current plan of action...

If anyone has feedback on my PCT plan, please feel free to comment...
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Oct 11, 2010
Let us know how it goes, IMO there is no exact pct formula that works for everyone.

Tappering ther serms seems to be a popular practice.


Oct 11, 2010
Looks fantastic bro! I'm running something similar, when the time comes for me.