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My Bulk Diet



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Sep 15, 2010
1. Meal 1
• 5 egg omelet with cheese
• Apple or orange juice
• 1 cup of coffee
• 1 cup dry oats + 1 packet instant oats - This, in addition to your fruit juice is a LOT of carbs, unless youi are ronnie coleman lol.

2. Meal 2 (post-workout) +2 hours
• 50g whey protein
• Banana or raisins - as prowrestler said, get some faster carbs in - waxy maize starch is awesome!

3. Meal 3 (post-workout 2) +1 hour
• 1 box mac and cheese - is this homemade? if not, chances are that it will double up as a cheat meal..that means 2 cheat meals a day. now unless you are taking a LOT of anabolics, that cant do much more than make you carry a lot of unwanted fat.
• 1 can of tuna
• Huge glass of milk or chocolate milk

4. Meal 4+2 hours
• 1 or 2 turkey sandwiches
• 1 piece of fruit

5. Meal 5(cheat meal) +2 hours
• 25g or 50g protein shake + any cheat meal - IMO, once cheat meal daily is a bit much for someone your age and weight. if you are 300lbs then you need a ton of calories to maintain your cheat meals help as they contain lots of calories. a cheat meal every day the healthiest and best way to make strength gains??

6. Meal 6(before bed) 30 mins before bed
• Bowl of cottage cheese
• Spoonful of peanut butter
• quartof milk