Mississauga man charged in massive steroid smuggling operation

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    A Mississauga man and Woodbridge man are facing numerous charges in connection with an anabolic steroid smuggling and distribution ring.

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced the arrests Monday, De. 12 after dismantling the operation earlier this month.

    Customs officials say on Dec. 1, officers from the CBSA Criminal Investigations Section in the Greater Toronto Area Region executed search warrants as part of the ongoing investigation which started in February 2016, after steroids were intercepted and seized at the CBSA Vancouver International Mail Processing Centre.

    Further investigation revealed links to prior steroid seizures from both the Vancouver and Montreal International Mail Processing Centres.

    An estimated 36,500 tablets, more than 11 kilograms of raw powder, 15,000 millilitres of liquid containing suspected steroids and other controlled substances, a commercial pill-press, and $12,000 (undisclosed cash) were seized during the investigation.

    Emilio Sinapi of Woodbridge and Eric Singh of Mississauga have been charged with numerous counts of smuggling and possession, purchase, selling, exchange, acquiring or disposing of unlawfully imported goods under the Customs Act; importation, production, possession for the purpose of trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; and conspiracy to smuggle anabolic steroids without authorization contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.

    “The CBSA conducts investigations of border-related criminal non-compliance and prosecutes offenders to the full extent of the law; our investigative efforts are focused on activities and offences posing the highest risk to Canadians,” said Goran Vragovic, CBSA Regional Director General, Greater Toronto Area Region. “I applaud the great work of our Criminal Investigators for these arrests and the dismantling of two drug labs in the GTA, keeping our communities safe and secure.”

    Source: mississauga.com/news-story/7016468-mississauga-man-charged-in-massive-steroid-smuggling-operation/
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    I really really TRY not to comment on every bust thread I see, but most of them are so damn silly it's hard not to.

    Last paragraph there . . . . once again they have kept communities safe and secure from activities and offenses posing the highest risk . . . .


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