Midway Through The Thor Challenge

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    May 8, 2017
    Hey, fellow iron addicts. So . . . back in November, I set the goal of gaining 45 lbs. while dropping a third of my body fat in one year’s time. I’m calling it The Thor Challenge because, if all goes as planned, by Oct. 31 I’ll match Chris Hemsworth’s physique when he shot the Marvel movies. (This way I can heft Thor’s mighty hammer on Halloween with pride). So far, things are coming along as planned and, to my surprise, my little project has already gotten a bit of attention in the BB community: 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler has given The Thor Challenge a shout-out on Twitter, Kai Greene selected it as one of the most inspiring stories of the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival, and Lee Priest issued it a big, swole thumbs-up. I’ve created a blog, which I update every Thursday, for anyone who wants to check it out, or you can swing by Instagram, where I’m providing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of The Thor Challenge.

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