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Melanotan 2 (MT-II)



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Oct 21, 2010
Melanotan 2 (MT-II)

Melanotan 2 Dosing:

Light: .5mg
Common: 1mg
Large: 1.5mg

Melanotan 2 (MT-II) is an analog of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (a-MSH). Melanotan 2 comes in the form of a freeze dried (lyophilized) peptide in a sterile multi-use vial.

Melanotan 2 acts on melanocytes to stimulate melanin production. Melanin is the body's natural pigment responsible for your tan.

Melanocortins are a family of peptides beginning with the sequence: His-Phe-Arg-Trp. Melanotan peptides bind to and activate melanocortin receptors (MCRs) which influence pigmentation, inflammation, energy homeostasis, appetite and sexual function. MT-2 MCRs: MC1R, MC3R, MC4R & MC5R.

Melanotan 2 is a smaller and more potent than M-I (which targets MC1R) targeting more receptors. Melanotan 2 has a protective ring-like amino acid structure as compared to a linear peptide such as Melanotan One or Afamelanotide.

What does this mean? The fair skinned CAN achieve a natural tan with synthetic MSH, Melanotan 2. For people with sun allergies these discoveries are life changing. The best defense against skin cancer is a natural tan developed over time. MT-2 was designed to reduce skin cancer rates and be effective as a sunless tanner.

So who uses Melanotan 2? Athletes and fitness enthusiasts choose MT-2 as a lifestyle product to increase tanning efficacy, the aphrodisiac and appetite suppression. MT-2 was dubbed the Barbie drug and has been highlighted in wired. Synthetic melanocortin use helps to attain a tan with the least amount of exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

Lower skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale are the best candidates for Melanotan 2.

Melanotan treatment stimulates melanin effectively, in particular those with low skin types.

Note: Melanotan is approximately 1,000 times more potent than natural a-MSH and MT-2 has a greater efficacy than M-I.

Disclaimer: Please pursue information regarding the usage of these products from your own research, academic journals, or the research of your in-house scientific team. Products are sold for research purposes are not for human consumption. Remember when you contact these types of stores/sponsors not to relate the questions or topics to human consumption or they tend not to answer. Always inquire in a research type question.

Melanotan 2 Peptide: Melanotan 2 peptides come in 5mg and 10mg sizes. Photograph at left shows a 5mg and 10mg MT-2 peptide as an example. Peptides within photograph were synthesized by the same laboratory, contain no filler and therefore volume reflects content. All peptides and freeze drying processes are not created equal. Current MT-2 industry standard is the 10mg, 2ml vial size. Trending towards lower doses, freshness, safety, travel and other factors are increasing demand for smaller quantities. The 5mg MT-2 in the 2ml vial (photographed at left, on the left) size is available exclusively through

Reconstituted with bacteriostatic water (BW),MT-2 peptide remains potent and preserved. Reconstituting (mixing) your Melanotan 2 peptide is a necessity and will require proper due diligence for results. Nasal sprays, pre-mixed Melanotan 2, pills, oral and loose powder are not often legitimate. There are successful reports of nasal spray experiences, however, they are few and far between as the molecule is larger than the membrane will allow. Enzymes will render the peptide inactive if ingested.

Shipping and Handling: Melanotan peptides are durable and stable. Highlighted in study, the reconstituted MT-2 was shown to be stable at 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 28 days. Shipping MT-2, even in summer months, is not a problem. Do not pay for cold shipping as it is not a premium. When receiving MT-2 it is recommended to store in the refrigerator.

Mixing: Add BW to the vial when you are ready to begin MT-2 research. View the instructional youtube video on the PT-141 page to see the reconstitution process.

Remove plastic flip top from vial to expose rubber stopper. Needle will pierce the stopper making way inside the vial to turn the white powder into a clear liquid.

Calculator: Add 100 units (1ml) of water to the vial. 1ml/100 units will minimize the volume that you have to inject and will simplify the arithmetic in your MT-2 experiment.
Peptide Injection photos, resconstitution, calculator and information

1ml syringe (U100),1ml BW to reconstitute
Calculations for a desired 0.5mg/500mcg dose:
Step 1= 1ml
Step 2= 10mg MT-II
Step 3= 1ml bact water
Step 4= 500mcg dose
2-3 ticks on your insulin pin (approximately 1/20th of a U100 syringe)

(Peptide Calculator How to determine insulin syringe measurement)

Some prefer to add more dilutent which works fine, take note of the volume increase.

Needles: 29-31 gauge X 1/2", 1 CC (100 unit). That is a typical insulin needle used to mix as well as inject. Use needles one time only. Once your technique perfected, injections are almost painless.

Starting dose: Your first injection should be a very small dose, for example .25mg (250mcg). See how you react. Goal should be to feel nothing. Dose after dinner, before bed. Any dosing chart stating that you should take a high dose (according to your weight) is outdated and potentially dangerous.

Loading dose: Load with 0.5-1mg once a day. People who have used doses in this range generally report getting excellent results. Don’t worry if you miss occasional days. It will not make much difference, focus on the cumulative effects.

Maintenance dose: Maintenance is taking doses less frequently than daily to avoid becoming darker than you want. Yes, that will happen. With enough UVR, you will get much darker than you have even been before. A maintenance dose can help prolong super-physiological photo-protection MT-2 delivers.

UV Radiation: Melanotan is a poor sunless tanner. UV (from sun or a tanning bed) light is necessary to develop a tan. Without it, almost nothing happens. In other words, NO UV = NO TAN. Well, user will pigment depending on skin type.... If you have loaded for a full month and then start UV exposure, you (and your friends) will be astounded by how fast you tan and how dark you get. Moreover, it is advisable to keep areas of your skin that ordinarily get exposure covered up with a towel and/or zinc oxide (nose/lips/face) and let less exposed areas develop pigmentation first. Areas of skin that are typically sun-exposed in your day to day life will respond more readily to the effects of the melanotan peptides.

Fat Loss: The melanocortin (MC) system is a signaling pathway for leptin and insulin. The MC system is important for control of food intake and body weight. MT-2 treatment results in adipocyte lipolysis. MT-2 increases fatty acid oxidation(FAO) in which the MC5R plays a significant role. MT-2 improves insulin sensitivity through stimulating FAO in skeletal muscle tissue. Reduced food intake from the anorectic response of MT-2 is primarily responsible for weight loss.

Watch yourself: Your tan can sneak up on you. A tan generally sets in 3 days after UV rays. Dose and expose yourself gradually to UVR when tanning. Love your skin.

Avoid burning: You are protected from burning mostly by your tan, not the MT-2 peptide. Therefore, don’t overdo the rays at first. Start with only as much UV that you could tolerate without burring before you began Melanotan. It should not take many weeks before you can tolerate hours of strong sun without burning. Truly incredible for those who have never experienced freedom to enjoy the sun.

Continue your regular dosing protocol until you have reached your desired tan and do not want to become darker. Cut injection frequency to once every 2, 3, 4, or even 7 days. Experiment to find the frequency that gives the tan you want.

Storage: Store freeze dried and reconstituted peptides in the refrigerator.

Do you have to inject MT-II?
Yes. The best, most efficient method of administering Melanotan peptides are subcutaneous (subq) injections. Nasal sprays are inconsistent and inefficient. No detectable levels were observed following oral dosing - pills do not work.

Note: There are many things you will need to consider before experimenting with this peptide. Cyclic analogues (MT-II) have a wide range of peripheral effects and systemic control is always going to pose an issue in clinical use. Needless to say, MT-II is not an approved or regulated product. MT-II is legal to buy, possess, etc. Variables such as skin type and individual goals need assessment. Ask for critiques, plans and create a user log during use. Seasoned users are generally more than happy to offer tricks of the trade.

When you start supplementing a-MSH to tan keep in mind that tanning is literally a side effect. The tanning response is, in reality, a physiological repair mechanism to instant UV damage of the skin cells (epidermis/dermis). Melanocyte stimulating hormone is not going to color your skin, it is going to make your own skin create its own tan and that in turn creates protection. If you are looking to be some bronzed beach God with perfectly uniform and specific color then you are better off to going to mystic tan. Redheads, for example, naturally produce a variant form of melanin that is yellowish-red (pheomelanin). Do not expect a brown tan on a ginger body right away.

Know your skin type: Knowing your skin type is just one detail which will help create a user log. There are 10s of thousands of melanotan users worldwide who share the experience. Raise awareness and help others who want to hear success stories, complications and failures.

Am I a good candidate for MT-II?
Melanotan is best suited for the folks with skin types I & II. Prior sun damage, scars, tattoos, freckles, moles, hair color, etc are deciding factors prospective MT-2 users consider. This is a question handled best through asking the audience. Seek council other others at the MelanotanHQ forums.

How should I dose MT-II?
Start out small and build up. A typical starting dose is around .25mg and max dose reaching 1mg.

Things to consider: There is no magic pill or formula. Few dermatologists are familiar with Melanotan. The skin is a large, unpredictable organ. Feel comfortable and confident with MT-II before use. Check out as many before and after photos and user logs as you can. A skin type I individual may have to commit months of dedication before dialing in their desired results, be patient.

How much MT-II should I buy and how long will it last?
Skin type I: 30-50mg
Skin type II: 20-30mg
Skin type III: 10mg
Should last entire summer or season

How soon will I begin to see results?
You should notice a change in your skin tone after three weeks. If you have freckles, expect them to get darker before your actual skin color changes.

How long will tan last?
A tan developed using Melanotan 2 lasts much longer than an ordinary tan. A well-tanned person returning from a beach holiday will lose most of the tan in a month if they stop getting sun. But if they had been using Melanotan 2 and continued on maintenance after returning, they would still have most of their tan 3 months later.

Side effects of MT-II?
Possible short-term side effects you should know about, including: nausea, appetite loss, facial flushing and increased libido. These may be noticeable during the first few days of treatment but should taper off.

Dosing an anti-histamine, such as Claritin (Loratadine),works to eliminate sides such as nausea after injecting. Melanotan.


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Sep 23, 2013
That was one of the best posts I have ever read on MT2, just awesome! I just wanted to update a few points though:
1.) More and more people have been saying that a smaller but steady dose of around .25mg vs .5-1mg dose has better results long term and there was a study done on how the body's receptors handle the MT2 that confirmed this. Also, you get less negative side effects. Which leads me to the second point...
2.) The side effects mentioned only touched on increased libido, but that is not doing justice to the other true benefit of Melanotan. Most people experience sever increases in libido as well as tremendous increases in erections. So much so in fact that a new chemical derived from MT2 called PT141 was created solely for the treatment of ED and has become very popular with "researchers".
3.) Lastly, the post mentions Tanresearch as a place to go for MT2, but their site is down. I've been using Rockstar Chemicals for awhile now and I've seen them advertising on here lately so I'd say give them a go.

Other then that, the post is super informative and pretty damn accurate, BUMP to the OP!


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Sep 5, 2013
I used it last summer. It killed my stomach..... But I looked awesome. :)


Apr 2, 2011
Have been told that its only good in the fridge for about 30 days . NOT SO . left a bottle in the fridge for 4 months . Decided to see if there is any kick left and I'm a tell you what . I would consider it less so tanning and far far better in the boner dept. Far better than pt-141 has ever done for me .
still is good for the tann but it just doesnt give that hot flush that I am accustomed to .

That bottle was a reconstituted bottle too .


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Sep 29, 2010
Have been told that its only good in the fridge for about 30 days . NOT SO . left a bottle in the fridge for 4 months . Decided to see if there is any kick left and I'm a tell you what . I would consider it less so tanning and far far better in the boner dept. Far better than pt-141 has ever done for me .
still is good for the tann but it just doesnt give that hot flush that I am accustomed to .

That bottle was a reconstituted bottle too .


Dec 8, 2013
Another note. Everything tans especially your moles. If you are fair skin with freckles those will darken quite a bit. Take your time to see how it effects you.



Apr 2, 2011
yup, and 4 months in the fridge . finished it up and started another bottle today . Not the same effect . I will need to toy with this a bit . makes me think the older bottle matured into a sex drug , sort of to speak