MCT versus EO, GSO

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    "Synthol" is not a blend, but rather a generic name for site enhancement products. Ingredients differ from product to product. Anything that contains lidocaine should be avoided because if you need anaesthetic in your formula it only points to the amount of inflammation that product is likely to create ESPECIALLY with such a high concentration of BA. It is inflammation that will lead to scar tissue. Not the mct oil.

    Syntherol has absolutely no painkillers and a much lower % of BA. Syntherol itself will not irritate the muscle at all and does not cause inflammation as a result of the oil. The inflammation is a result of frequent application.

    Any quality SEO will NOT bank on creating inflammation to the point of scar tissue to create the added size, it is simply a way to stress the muscle fascia to allow the existing muscle to grow further.

    This is our product.

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