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May 23, 2011
My cycle has already begun my standard cycle that I do every single time for the last couple of years since I dropped tren.

Test c 300mg twice weekly
Mast e 200 mg twice weekly
Proviron 100mg ed

I do 4iu Ed GH

I'm in a few weeks on that.

I'm adding in lil ed's test c/npp / dbol ed. 50/50/25 since I workout to some degree every day (hit three major muscle groups weekly heavy and the other four days I do lightweight high rep)

Added NPP to see if it'll help with my joints. I've never used dbol (I've used t-bol oral with zero success many years back)

I'm on day two of test NPP Dbol the shot as smooth as silk no pip whatsoever. Hit the weights this morning even though it was a high rep lower weight workout I feel like a beast. I don't know if that's the dbol or just in my heard (which is probably the case)

I never use anti-estrogen never have to. This cycle may be different because of the NPP but ever since I use proviron I've never had any issues.

I know that's a crazy cycle or it seems like an awful lot of compounds. Always open to sound critiques.

I know my blood pressure will be up it's going to throw my cholesterol ratios way off but hell none of us are getting out of here alive I never planned on living this long so giving it everything I have.

I'll keep an update on how things are going.


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Jul 23, 2011
I cant use Dbol as my BP skyrockets, but I can tell you my friends that do, they love that stuff. Thats probably where the beast mode is coming from. Its all funny to say no one gets out alive, but you dont want to have a medical emergency just for looks. I have a friend in convalescent homes because he stroked out from using juice. Another with a heart condition where he is on oxygen and in failure from so many clots. Dudes in their early 50's. I am being honest, its a miserable existence.


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May 23, 2011
I pay a lot of attention to how my body feels. As silly as that sounds I know when my blood pressure is up. I know when my oxygen levels are down. If I am not feeling good how I've handled it in the past I just stop the cycle other than my trt dosage and give it a shot or two TimeWise break and see how I feel. I agree that having a fantastic physique is not worth dying over even more so because I don't even think I could get close to that LOL..

Tren is always hard on me that's why I cut that out years ago. Masteron works very well for me. I'm just a continuous science experiment but I do pay very close attention.
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