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Little girl program



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Oct 18, 2019
Hello, for who doesn't know me, i am training a 12yo girl in the gym.
She started training at 5 years old and til now she has done different sports: swimming, gymnastics, parkour, judo, ice-skating, street-skating and this year athletics (where i started training her) and now GYM.

That's why her first gym workout ended up with a super impressive:
-2x40 kg bench press
-10x107 kg leg press 45° (starting from 10x59 kg, adding around 5/10 kg each serie till 10x107 kg)
I got so shocked that i forgot to consider her age.

However, i am here to write about the workouts she did after that day.
Our objective is to build a better fit, endurance and strength, thinking about her young age.
We cannot think about a precise goal, even if our nation's under18 girl best bench press result of 2019 was 45 kg, so she almost have it with 6 years less, but obviously we cannot think about precise goals like these. We just have to improve fit and don't get annoyed (and improve weight lifted, yes, but we have to move veeery slow even if she is so strong, that's not the main focus).

Here's the program. We still need to get experience on the gym, but i want to hear your opinions...

-17/10: leg: intense / upper: intense
5' running + stretching
Crunch/bicycle/glute bridge: 3x30 each
Assisted pull up: 2x10
Bench press: 10x20 kg + 8x30 kg + 2x40 kg
Squat: 3x20 kg + 2x30 kg
Lat pulldown: 8x27,5 kg + 2x8x25 kg
Bicep curl: 10x7,5 kg + 1x17,5 kg
Row machine: 2x8x25 kg
Leg press 45°: 10x(59, 63, 69, 73, 79, 83, 89, 93, 100, 107 kg)
Leg abductor: 10x23 kg + 10x39 kg
Leg adduction: 10x23 kg + 10x39 kg

-18/10: rest

-19/10: leg: easy / upper: easy
10' running and cyclette + stretching
Crunch/bicycle/glute bridge: 3x30 each
Bench press: 2x10x20 kg
Bicep curl: 10x4 kg + 10x5 kg
Assisted pull up: 2x10
Lat pulldown: 2x10x25 kg
Row machine: 2x10x20 kg
Squat multipower: 2x10x20 kg + 8x30 kg
Lunges: 10x(4, 5, 6 kg dumbell)
Leg extension: 2x10x25 kg
Leg press inclined: 4x20 kg
Leg press 45°: 10x25 kg + 10x35 kg

-20/10: rest

-21/10: rest

-22/10: leg: moderate / upper: easy
Prone, supine, lateral plank: 30/60"
Step up: 2x20
Lunges: 2x20
Lateral lunges: 2x10
Lateral lunges with jump: 2x10
Mountain climber fitball: 2x10
Squat multipower: 10x20 kg + 2x8x30 kg
Shoulder press: 10x(4, 5 kg dumbell)
Inclined bench press: 10x(5, 6 dumbbell)
Bent row: 2x10x6 kg dumbbell
Romanian deadlift: 10x(6, 10 kg dumbbell)
Assisted pull up: 2x10
Hanging knee raises: 2x10

-23/10: boxe (just technique of punches and combos)

-24/10: leg: pliometrics / upper: easy
15' cyclette
Sit-up/russian twist: 2x10 with 4 kg ball throw
Russian twist: 2x20x4 kg
Box jump: 2x10
Kettlebell swing: 10x(4, 6 kg)
Lunges with jump: 2x10
Lateral lunges with jump: 2x10
Romanian deadlift one leg: 2x5x4 kg dumbbell
High pull: 10x(4, 6 kg)
Assisted pull up: 2x10
Assisted dips: 2x10

-25/10: rest

What do you think?

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