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    Nov 2, 2011
    I'm sure many of you may have questions in regards to our locations, medications, costs, procedures, and so on. I would like to take this opportunity to answer to my best ability all of those questions. I will lay down the basics of LifeXMD first and anything I do not answer you can either PM or post up on here.

    LifeXMD does require a in office visit with one of our 5 physicians on staff

    LifeXMD does not have a membership fee. The only cost to get started is a Physical Evaluation and consultation with one of our Physicians. The cost is $200.00

    LifeXMD does not take insurance however we can provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. The acceptation is in on MI office. We can bill your insurance on site and you will only be responsible for the co pay in regards to your evaluation, not medications.

    All LifeXMD medications are prescribed based on medical necessity. We do not treat professional athletes, Bodybuilders, or Kids. That is illegal so we will not skirt that line.

    AllLifeXMD medications are mailed directly from one of our many USA DEA Licensed PCAB accredited pharmacy's to your door. We do not dispense medications. This makes both our lives very simple.

    All LifeXMD follow up consultations can be done via phone or skype if you do not live near one of our locations. We like to know how our patients are feeling, not just send them on there way and talk to them in a year.

    All LifeXMD medications are prescribed by a licensed USA Physician. Thus the RX does allow you to travel with your meds 100% legally should you need to do so.

    LifeXMD can provide you an RX for blood work if you have insurance at no cost to you. If you do not know if your insurance will cover your blood or who should draw it (quest or Lab corp) I highly recommend you call and ask in advance. It is a very steep out of pocket cost if they decide not to cover it. If you can purchase a full male or female blood panel from us. we have many available so just contact us for pricing. We are very competitive.

    Please feel free to ask questions if you are interested or know someone else who we may be able to help. Please refrain from questions like "how much is a bottle of test" or " How much HGH can I use"? They are relative questions as all meds are prescribed off medical necessity so without seeing your blood and our physician first it is impossible to answer. Also, we have many different brands and strengths available so prices range based on your preference of medication. That is something we can discuss in private once the pre-requisites have been met (blood work, medical forms, Physical evaluation).

    toll free: 877-305-4339
    [email protected]

    Locations currently open in Scottsdale, AZ; Rochester Hills, MI; Federal Way, WA.

    Last but not least, I'm not a Physician. I'm the president of the company. I do not hold all the answers. I will however do my best to obtain answers to those questions I can not answer for you. Then again, we have Shine on here im sure he can beat me to it lol.
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    Nov 2, 2011
    Q: What is the ultimate benefit of hormone optimization?
    A: Although not yet proven statistically, data indicates significant potential for longer life. At very least, it will give patients a much more enjoyable and fulfilling quality of life. This includes, but is in no way limited-to, improved health, appearance, enjoyment, performance, vigor and satisfaction.

    Q: Will my insurance pay for the program?
    A: Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover hormone optimization. Because of our buying power, blood tests actually cost you less through us than they would with your insurance. While it is possible your insurance might help with the cost of the actual hormones, it is inadvisable to use it. In order for your insurance to pay, each medicine requires a disease diagnosis code. That disease diagnosis ultimately becomes entered into the national insurance databank and will affect your future ability to obtain insurances as well as the costs of those insurances.

    Q: How long will it take to see results from the program?
    A: This is variable. Each person's biological variability dictates which improvements will first be noticed and when they will occur. As a generalization, most people notice early-but-definite chances about one month after all their hormone levels have been raised to the optimized range. The early improvements as well as others will continue to occur for as long as you keep your hormone levels optimized.

    Q: Do I have to take the hormones forever?
    A: You can taper-off of the hormones at any time and you will return to your pre-treatment hormone levels (maybe slightly lower because we all normally decrease our natural production of these hormones by 1-2% per year).

    Q: What are “optimized ranges?”
    A: An optimized range is the high end of the common (“normal”) range for a person in his/her early twenties.

    Q: Can testosterone cause prostate cancer in men?.
    A: Old data was believed to indicate that testosterone had an association with prostate cancer. However, new data demonstrates that people with prostate cancer have low testosterone. The most widely held view from recent data is if a man already has prostate cancer, then testosterone may increase the speed or the growth of that cancer. If a man does not have pre-existent prostate cancer, testosterone may prevent it. We use the most widely accepted tests (Prostate Specific Antigen and digital rectal exam) for prostate cancer screening before starting treatment and yearly. For those who have already undergone successful prostate cancer surgery, most younger urologists allow or suggest their patients to supplement their testosterone.

    Q: Can growth hormone cause cancer?
    A: It has never been shown that growth hormone causes cancer. If a person has a pre-existant cancer, it is theoretically possible that growth hormone might accelerate it. That is why we require women to have a normal PAP smear each year and a normal mammogram each two years.

    Q: Can testosterone cause baldness in men?
    A: 5-hydroxytestosterone (5-HT) is correlated with baldness. There is not necessarily a direct correlation between testosterone level and 5-HT levels.
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    Nov 2, 2011
    If anyone wants to be our friends on Facebook that would also be greatly appreciated. We do hold specials and coupons from time to time on there as well.
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    Jun 13, 2013
    My 24 YO son has been into Crossfit for a while. He recently went to a naturopathic doctor who ran several tests. One tested his testosterone. It came back as 180. The doctor knew he had had some hard workouts & asked him to lay low for a few days & rest. He just had it retested & it is now 118! He has none of the typical signs of low testosterone.This doctor happens to offer a testosterone supplement. My question is "Can his long term hard workouts cause this?" Should we get it re-tested by another party?

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Yes, anything long term can cause stress to the body and cause a hormone deficency however at his age it should not be 118. Does low T run in your family? T supps are worthless, save your money. In best case what will he get 300 case? So he would still be low. You have had it tested 2x now and both came back very low. its obvious he does have low t but what are the rest of his hormones telling you? DHEA, LH, T3, T4, TSH, IGF-1, free test, shbg, cortisol and so on and so forth? if he shows not symptoms, why did you have it tested?

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