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Legal Steroids do they exist?



Aug 11, 2010
Legal Steroids have a mixed reputation among athletes and spectators. We’ve seen many athletes face the wrath of a disciplinary committee when charged with taking “controlled substances” and lose many years – if not the rest of their career – in the process. A couple have even found themselves in jail, so it’s understandable that pop culture has given these performance enhancers a negative connotation. The difference between a wrecked career and a successful one – with a stellar physique – is legality.

Legal steroids are one of the fitness world’s best kept secrets. Makers of these products understand the reasons why authorities ban most steroids and take care not to cross any of these invisible lines t hat make the difference. The main reason why steroids became illegal in the first place was not the competitive advantage they give in sports but – rather – their typical health risks. Because of their “underground” nature, steroids have traditionally been made in less sanitary facilities than typical pharmaceutical grade drugs. This, alone, leaves them open to contamination and many users found themselves sick or with faced with other unwelcome complications. With these risks in mind, it’s easy to see why lawmakers and sporting governments saw fit to eradicate the problem by banning them.

You might, then, wonder what the difference between these black market drugs and legal steroids is. Well, the difference is two-fold. First off – and probably most importantly – they’re safe. Unlike their black market cousins, legal steroids are made in sanitary facilities and meet strict standards for safety and effectiveness. When you take illegal steroids, on the other hand, you expose yourself to all sorts of chemical by-products as well as the other results of poor manufacturing conditions – no wonder they’re illegal.

The other big difference is the legality. People have gone (and still go) to jail over illegal steroids. Whereas legal steroids can be bought online with confidence, you have to hide and run tremendous risks to get their black market counterparts; out of sight of the law. This often means cutting corners and going through hoops to get your hands on them – or gambling with your freedom and your life. Too many people have ruined their lives by not going with the legal – and safer – alternatives.

In summary, legal steroids are that way for a reason. You can get them without running the risk of going to jail. You can take them without the multitude of serious health risks posed by illegal drugs. You can feel more confident about have continued access to them; illegal steroid makers must constantly hide from the law and can be either shut down or forced to move suddenly – leaving you high and dry. Best of all, legal steroids work just as well – without the risks – and can make a huge difference.

Working out is pretty tough – at least if you do it properly – and it can take months to see noticeable results. While the results are usually worth the wait, and the hard work, why wait longer than you have to? The only thing stopping more people from using performance enhancers is the risk of being arrested, and legal steroids eliminate that risk. They make it possible to achieve dramatic results in a fraction of the time and make getting an amazing body image a lot easier.

Of course, you’ll still have to do the working out; but the difference is in the time. The difference – more specifically – is getting the results of months of diligent work in just a couple of weeks. The idea behind legal steroids is getting the same rapid results without the traditional risks – and they do a great job at it.


Sep 20, 2010
man what will they think of next to write...of course there are legal steroids...If u live where steroids are legal....hell i didnt have to write a whole story figure this smart people...dw
Get Some

Get Some

Sep 9, 2010
all of that is well and good but where can these legal steroids be acquired? o_O
What the hell are you doing 5 months into the future? You should have figured this out before you thought about time travel.


TID Board Of Directors
Apr 23, 2011
is that spam or what? I laugh at the reasoning they are illegal,there are not enough documented un biased tests to show their harm
Dangling Unit

Dangling Unit

VIP Member
Jan 2, 2011
There are legal steroids. They're acquired with a prescription. Judas Priest.


TID Lady Member
May 29, 2011
Yes, there are... as already stated, "If you have a prescription." Also, if you are a cow or a horse. Otherwise, in the US, sorry...there are none.


I Look Good...
Sep 13, 2010
Yes, there are... as already stated, "If you have a prescription." Also, if you are a cow or a horse. Otherwise, in the US, sorry...there are none.
Well if there isnt Legal Steroids around here without a prescription then there is no elgal steroids!!! :)