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Left Shoulder - Guess I Gotta Take it Easy



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Sep 21, 2011
That stinks! As it has been said, do what is right for you and bands may work. I have tried BPC on several different injuries and never got anything from it. Also ran some lower dose GH for several months and nothing.

Remember, everyone that has pain at night, sleep on your back and hug a pillow. If that does not work get a 45 degree foam wedge and sleep on that hugging a pillow (with pillow under your knees too).

I've been trying to elevate it like that, and it doesn't seem to help (using a pillow and a wedge):(


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Nov 11, 2022
Whatever happened to your food service?
Heady Muscle

Heady Muscle

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Oct 13, 2014
Sometime in May was diagnosed with a pretty bad tear in RC in my left shoulder (he says its hanging on by a thread). My plan was to lay off the heavy weights, creep by this summer, get lean for possibly a show in early Nov, then have the surgery in Nov.
Now i'm not so sure.....i'm not sure the workouts can sustain me for a bodybuilding show.....ugh.....

During workouts the last couple of weeks, shoulder has been in pretty bad pain, getting worse. Now i didn't ask the doc, nor did the doc say to ease up....but....
When in pain during a workout I either stop or decrease the weight. My trainer knows and has been adjusting the workouts accordingly.
Today, i'm sort of thinking that i should layoff upper body workouts and just do lower body until about Oct/Nov when i can get the surgery.
I don't want to have it during summer....i wanna have too much fun and the gosh darn sling would mess with my tan lol!
Besides, i have grandbaby #3 coming in Aug, so definitely want to wait until after that so i can hold her and love on her some before i can't......

I know the stage will always be will, ain't going no where.....
The revelation just bums me out.....

But i have time to now plan for the recovery....woohoo......

(FYI, had full tear in RC and a full tear repair of RC surgery in right shoulder in 2018, was diagnosed in Dec while training for a show, competed in first show in April 2018; surgery in Aug 2018.).
If it was me, I would just get it fixed. January of 2023 I had my RC and labrum repair that was torn during lung surgery. As you know the rehab is not fun but if the surgeon does well and you do your rehab to a tee, then all is good. It's a slow process getting back to heavy weights but at least you can train pain free or at least minimal pain.
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