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Aug 11, 2010
Kota Kinabalu: Leader Bridge Holding (LBH) Group strengthened its commitment towards the development of extreme sports in Sabah when it completed another MoU signing this time with Sabah Amateur Body Building Association (SBBA) here, yesterday.

Through the MoU, LBH Group agreed to support development programmes for bodybuilding in the State for a period of one year.

Representing LBH Group at the MoU ceremony was its Group Managing Director, Datuk Seri Ir. Mat Daud Ishak, while SBBA was represented by its President, Joseph Sylvester.
Sabah Amateur Body Building Association (SBBA) became the second sports association to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with LBH Group after the latter signed with Sabah Paintballers Association (SPA) last week.

And as an initial extension of support, LBH Group contributed RM10,000 to SBBA for the latter's Mr Borneo competition, which would be held on October 9, this year.

The contribution effectively makes LBH Group a co-organiser for the Mr Borneo event.
LBH also expressed intentions to make improvements to the gym and its facilities at the Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex so that SBBA can attract more youths to take up the sport.

"We would be grateful if the Youth and Sports Ministry would be willing to sub the gym premises so that LBH can help to up-grade the facilities and run its operations with the main aim of attracting more youths to join SBBA," said Daud.

Meanwhile, SBBA together with LBH and SPA, would be organising the 1Malaysia Toughmen 4' Charity event, which is happening on September 18 and 19, this year.
This unique community event will give the public a chance to get involved in charity through a fun and entertaining way. Its purpose, among others, is to raise charity funds for three-year-old Vick Ryan Vitus who is suffering from Jeune Syndrome.

Funds raised through this event will also benefit other selected charities. 1Malaysia Toughmen 4' Charity will have an event called "Truck Pullathon", which will feature Mr Sabah 2010, Yong Chee Ken, pulling an 8,000kg lorry head for 1,000 meters.

The programme is being jointly organised by LBH and SPA and is also the first project of its kind being held in the country.

The attempt, if successful, will make it into the Malaysia Book of Records, and will also be submitted in to the Guinness Book of World Records.

1Malaysia Toughmen 4' Charity will also feature physical strength events such as the Toughmen Challenge, Toughmen Arm Wrestling Challenge, Toughmen Tug of War, and also a Toughmen Photography Challenge.
Winners in the challenge stand a chance to win up to RM28,600 in cash prizes plus trophies, medals and challenge belts.
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