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Latest study published in Lancet positive on TRT



TID Board Of Directors
Nov 29, 2013
I'm not sure what my "take-away" should be on this ... given the last paragraph of the study.

"The authors acknowledge some limitations to their study. There was little available data evaluating the cardiovascular safety of testosterone replacement beyond 12 months . . . . "

Always had the impression that most men on TID or in the general population who choose trt assume it will be for more than 12 months. It may be a lifetime commitment for some, for others they may reach a point where preserving quantity of Life is more important than quality.

I'm at the stage of my Life where I'm thinking quality, but that may change if and when I get older ... not sure a 12 month study helps me decide anything. Lancet IS respected in "the Literature," but this study seems almost like publication-clickbait .....


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Dec 17, 2019
It is another study that underscores the low risk of HRT on CVD risk, nothing we don't already know. Regarding quality vs quantity, try walking around with a T conc of < 300 ng/dl for a month or so, that will cement quality vs quantity line of thinking. Ask most guys on ADT how they feel, somewhere on the minus side of shit. Great way to go through life, but hardly what I would consider living. But that is an individual choice. What I would like to see is the data from HRT clinics that push the envelope 200 - 300 mg/wk T and or T = ND. So much of that has been in play for years now and we have not one study to address the longer term outcome. That is what I really want to see.
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