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LADIES: 18 tips for a Bigger Butt from a GUY


Change Melisa Skyler

TID Lady Member
May 21, 2018
Workouts with booty bands can also give bigger butt, I am using one from


TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
Did anyone read number 18?

Magic! 4-6 weeks of this and suddenly you’ll have an ass like Ciara?

I don’t know who she is, but I’m guessing she doesn’t have the flat flabby ass of a person who just started doing glute exaercises 4 weeks ago.


Aug 3, 2017
I did read only number 18 and after reading that, I don't think this program or tips should be here at all.


TID Lady Member
May 22, 2018
Curves are beautiful. We need more of it. With this info every guy that sees you will thank me for helping you achieve this goal. And thats what I want too look great.

Pardon me if anyone finds that offensive but Women are always beautiful.

View attachment 6460

Top 18 Tips For a Bigger Butt

How to make your Butt Bigger

1. Just Do Butt Bridges or Hip Thrust

Search youtube - Weighted Hip Thrust and Weighted Butt Bridge

All you need to do is 4-to-10 sets using a weight that allows you to ONLY do 5-to-12 reps per set of either the butt bridge or hip thrust 1-to-2 days per week to get a bigger butt &…

You can add some of these other butt exercises to your workout (but you really don't need to) and don't waste your time with these butt exercises like
donkey kicks, cable kickbacks or the Brazilian butt lift routine where you have to use light weights and high reps to get a butt

If all you did was use this first tip you'd definitely be on your way to a bigger butt in 2-to-4 weeks

You can quickly & easily get a butt like Kim Kardashian,
Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, or Iggy Using heavier weights for sets of 5-to-12 reps doing Hip Thrust, Butt Bridges

2. No More Girly Weights

You are Women not girls... So no "girly" weights

If you use lighter weights or no weight at all for higher reps of more than 12-to-15 reps per set on any butt exercise you do then yes…

You'll at least get a butt that's a little bit bigger & rounder like Ciara Fergie Kate Hudson

you may be satisfied with but…

To get a bigger butt like Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian, CoCo Beyonce etc

You're going to have to use heavier weights that limit you to 5-to-12 reps per set because your butt gets bigger as it gets stronger and your butt can't get as strong using lighter weights for high reps.

3. Stop The Insanity!

So if you keep using the same amount of weights, reps & sets each workout you do then

your butt won't get any stronger meaning it won't get that much bigger so…

To make your butt bigger & stronger each time you workout…

You need to start keeping a training log &…

Keep up with how much weight, reps and sets you do and then each time you workout…
You want to try to use heavier weight, do more reps (staying in the 5-to-12 rep range) and/or more sets.

For example… If you did 4 sets of 8 reps using 100 pounds with the hip thrust then the next time you workout…

You'll need to do at least 5 sets and/or…
You'll need to do at least 9 reps per set and/or…
You'll need to use at least 105 pounds to progressively get closer & closer to getting the bigger butt you want

Use your training log and always try to beat your last butt workout by using heavier weights, more sets and/or reps every time you workout or instead of waiting until your next workout…

You can also try to beat each set you do in a workout by doing more reps and/or using heavier weights on each set.

4. More Exercises For a Bigger Butt…
The exercises below will also give you thicker thighs…

Barbell Squats,Elevated Lunges (barbell or dumbbell), Leg Press,Dumbbell Squats,Belt Squats

Tip: When doing squats or lunges try to come all the way down past parallel in order to get a better butt workout and you can watch the squat or lunge video here for more info but basically…

You want to come down so far when doing squats or lunges that your butt nearly touches the floor and after you've squatted all the way down…

Pause for about 1-to-3 seconds and then stand back up by pushing thru your heels so you'll get a better butt workout.

5. Sprint like you stole something
how to do hill sprints for sexier legs
40-to-100 yard sprints at top speed as if a dog where chasing you is one of the best ways to get sexier legs and if you don't believe that… Look at the legs of some of the world's fastest sprinters.

Quick tip: The stepper the hill is = the better butt workout you'll get

6. Get Your Ass Kicked!

See tip #1 again but in each butt workout you do you only need to do 1 exercise for 4-to-10 sets using heavier weights that only allow you to get 5-to-12 reps per set and at the most…

You could do 2 exercises (for maybe 4-to-6 sets each) by doing the hip thrust or butt bridge while adding another butt exercise but MORE IS NOT BETTER!

Focus on trying to get a quality workout where JUST One Butt exercise literally kicks your ass!

If you feel you can still do 20, 50 or 100+ reps of donkey kicks or go thru the entire Brazilian butt lift routine after doing 4-to-10 sets of Weighted Hip Thrust, Weighted Butt Bridge or 1 of these exercises then…

You probably should check to see if you was using heavy enough weights.

7. Only 1-to-2 Days Per Week

When you're using heavier weight where you can only get 5-to-12 reps per set then doing a butt workout 1-to-2 days per week is more than enough to get you the bigger butt you want &…

Working out more than that will actually slow down the butt building process because you're not giving your glutes (your butt muscles) enough time to rest, recover and grow.

8. Feed Your Butt

After you break down or do damage to your butt muscles by working out…

You will have to get enough protein in your diet to build your butt back up into a bigger & stronger one &…
You can get enough protein by making 25-to-50% of your diet protein &…

Get all the protein you need from food, shakes etc.
I'm pretty sure she ain't squatting 300+ lbs.


TID Lady Member
Sep 14, 2018
What In the hell did I just read.

My booty is fire without this article lol
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