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Just read the book "Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives"



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May 27, 2013
I will watch that documentary. Reading a book and hearing it does not do it justice like seeing it.

DYS, I think you are right. I am no conspiracy theorist but it I cannot discount what I see. The push towards compliance as in get the covid shots are you are an outcast. If you do not agree with "their" ideology you are a fascist nazi. It is not even double speak like in Orwell's 1984. Double speak is logic against logic where as this is emotion vs logic and emotion and feeling are found to be more important.

EVs are NOT good for the world BUT people feel they are so "they are" and if you say they are not good you are a fool even if you can provide facts. These sheep discount the facts and continue sticking their heads in the sand. That is why they want our guns. Much easier to subjugate an unarmed society.

I'm not a consipiracy theorist either. I actually try my best to not worry or think about politics and everything else because you will just drive yourself crazy.

But obvious things are obvious.
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