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journey to 100kg

Sep 22, 2010
Looks like im the first to be posting on here , so here goes currently weighing 22 stone 8lbs or 143.6kg or 316lbs which ever you prefer. Have been currently been back in training for the last few months , will post training log in other sections.

My current goal will be to try dropping my weight down to 100kg in the next 14 weeks , so attempting to lose 94 lbs in 14 weeks , an average of about 7 lbs a week a big goal so lets see how it goes. My current training will be 4 days of weights and 7 sessions of cardio on the treadmill to start will increase as is needed.
My diet will be 3 days high protein low carbs 1 day high protein med carbs

breakdown as follows

high protein low carb

cals 2500
protein 300grams
carbs 100grams
fat 100grams

high protein med carbs

cals 3000
protein 300grams
carbs 225grams
fat 100grams

main protein will come from chicken , fish , eggs and whey protein shakes carbs will be vegetables , rice and some fruit fats will come from eggs added oils .

Will post everyday if possible to see how im going will try to weigh every morning to see if changes will be made.see you all soon.
Sep 22, 2010
thursday 23rd sept

weighed in this morning at 22 stone 6 lbs , lost 2lbs over night . diet went well yesterday took in 2700 cals 32o protein and 150 carbs , need to alter the carbs. managed to get on treadmill last night no weights , off now for 30min walk see ou all tomorrow.
Sep 22, 2010
fri 24th

final calorie count for yesterday was 2800 ,but still managed to weigh in at 22stone 4.5lbs this morning must be all the cardio. weight going in the right direction so see how today goes planning on a very good day.
Sep 22, 2010
sat 25th

finally got diet right yesterday , bw down to 22 stone 3lbs so all going really well , just got to make it through the weekend . i will be trying to lose the next 3lbs over the weekend to get to an even 22stone by monday.

just a bit on supplements i have been taking

2grams vit c
3grams fishoils
whey protein shakes with extra glutamine x 4 a day 40grams protein each
bcaa before and after training

off for breakfast now scrambled eggs and porrage.