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insulin uses



Dec 24, 2010
hmmm ok i didnt get to read all the details above totally...
but what i seen u ask is u want to do slin with no gear...correct?

i have done that before....

ur 4x per week is a lil much...even though i see u want to keep ur dose super low....

u would be better of as a first time slin user with out any gear trying works supriseingly pretty well with a high carb diet...

its taken to lower ur u will srespon to ur bodies natty slin better...i like it

so if ya must do slin i dont think ull get much from 4ius...i would do it only 2x and rarely 3xmax per week naturial...

try 2x per week on ur big workout days and do it first thing in the morning with the biggest breakfest out at a diner or resturant...done first thing in the morning on a big workout day like a saturday with no work to mess up the all day eating food schedule,,,if u must u can go with that plan on sunday also...thats ur 2x...even though the 2x should be split trying to get u in the best possible situation for a firsttimer and natural trainer right now....PWO slin is not alwasy the best time of the day...i personally perfer the mornings to PWO as u can eat all day to gain and the late workout times of most trainers makes slin not as effective...and a lil dangeros

so hit back with ur thoughs...

go from there

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