Insulin Pre Workout

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  1. Meathead.

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    Apr 1, 2011
    who does it?
    What are you experiences/protocols?
    How does it feel after using it for first time?
    Which are you using?

    I've read mixed reviews ... some stating 2-4iu is great.. others starting at 8-11ius pre Workout about 45 min and downing 75g of carbs and that's all
  2. HardcoreBodybuilda

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    Jun 26, 2016
    I have used novolog (or humulin) for every meal in the day before (6 meals), but i don't recommend that. 10iu with 120gC seems to work nicely, especially with rice or rice products. I always keep dietary fat to a minimum while on slin to minimize fat gain. Preworkout and post workout is really all you need, although intra workout can work as well.
    I always keep emergency carbs in my gym bag and within reach in my car. Never had a bad hypo episode. I've pinned locally in trained muscle groups post workout, that seems to sustain the pump well into the day. Hope that helps.

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  3. chicken_hawk

    chicken_hawk VIP Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    I have worked my way up to 5iu of apidra or hum-r. One big key for me was having a meal an hour or so before injection. This allowed me to just use carbs in a prw shake veruse a slugish meal. Something about solid food would always work better for me than an equal amount of liquid.

    I would simply pin 20 mins prw then start drinking a cocktail of carbs,cm and bcaa's. However, keeping some starburst in your gym bag always helps.

    You don't feel anything unless your sugar drops. Then you will feel woozy. On that dose your safe, but if you want to actually want to finish your workout eat a snickers and you'll be ready to rock in 5 to 10. I never have gone higher than 8ius, well becuase this is a hobby and why drug like a pro if you aint one.

    I believe slin in small doses prw to be well worth it, but like aas it's the cumulative effects over time. By using slin, small amounts of gh and decent amounys of aas I put one a good 30lbs over the past few years. I have tamed since then for several reasons, but it worked.


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