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I'm sure glad...



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Sep 21, 2011
I'm sure glad that the democrats and MSM are finally telling the truth that the republicans were the one's in favor of defunding the police. Stupid ass republicans were screaming and promoting it all last year, especially through the BLM and ANTIFA riots, it was plain as day. It also really started with the prior administration, and i'm glad that the current, Biden Administration, never had any footprint in it all. We are finally headed in the right direction, I was feeling some white rage, but have decided to go in for counseling.

BTW...the republicans out in the Democrat ran city of Oakland, California are to blame for the current $17 million police department cut too.


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Dec 25, 2010
Are you telling me that "Defund the Police" does NOT mean to stop funding the police??

de-fund: verb;
prevent from continuing to receive funds

Hmm... maybe vocabulary is simply a tool of white oppression.

I've also heard that the Democrats are now saying they've never opposed requiring a voter to provide ID to verify that you are who you say you are. I thought that was Jim Crow 2.0 just a few weeks ago. Must have gotten some internal polling that says that blacks and hispanics (I mean BIPOC) actually support voting integrity. Crazy days we're living in.


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May 23, 2011
As stated above, most people will hear news and run with it and then two days later they'll hear something different and they'll run with that even if it's complete contradiction of their first rant. People just want something to bitch about. I think it's just ingrained in our human psyche to bitch about something. And I guess I'm bitching about it right now so I guess I'm human. I know a lot of good cops they do their job they're Fair but they still have one of the hardest jobs out there. Police have to make split second decisions they don't have time to look at video tapes and critique and break things down what could have been what should have been what they should have done etc etc. When somebody point something at you as a police officer you have two ways to respond either take the chance on getting shot or do your job and shoot them first. Everything now is a fight against everything else. People have no common sense or understanding of how the world works they just want it their way even though their way changes every single week. I don't believe any of the news that's out there it's all about ratings and making money and getting viewership is not about telling the truth and I don't care what new station you watch they're all the same. I read new sources from everywhere and take all the information and make a decision based on what I feel is the most correct and go from there.
Pretty sad World we're living in right now


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Dec 23, 2010
People who act like sheep deserve to be fleeced. They seem to like it!