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    Every one interested in learning the art of body building, especially the females, can not fail to come across the Rene Campbell IFBB pro bodybuilder. Rene Campbell, who is now around 39 years old, was born in Brighton, England. As recognised English Pro IFBB, she takes pride in being ranked among the best women bodybuilders of all time. Rene Campbell also utilises her spare time working as a personal trainer besides possessing a fitness model which operates in freelance nature.

    Rene Campbell is 173cm tall and is said to weigh around 89kg, and delights in her 122cm chest which is well-muscled, with her biceps measuring 43cm. Therefore, it is clearly manifested that as a bodybuilder she lies in the category of female heavyweight.

    Rising to the present peak position of her bodybuilding career was not a bed of roses. It has taken lots of hard work, determination and mentorship from those who went ahead of her. Like any other professional, she begun at the bottom and relentlessly kept working her way up. As a matter of fact, few years ago she was just a short and slim mother of two who weighed barely 65kgs then but as at now she weighs around 85kgs.

    In the year 2009, she accompanied a friend of hers to a bodybuilding show and this was the turning point of her course of life. Rene was highly motivated by a great deal of confidence that she observed from other ladies on stage in addition to how they could manage to wedge and shape their bodies so well that their muscles appeared attractive on them. Before she ventured into female bodybuilding career, Rene was an athlete in high school and college. She took part in long distance races. This, however, changed on that particular afternoon. She started doing practice in a local gym daily and eventually she reaped from the hard work. After training rigorously for a year, she was presented with a challenge in her very first competition and to her surprise she won.

    Before she went global in 2013, Rene Campbell took participation in several junior competitions. This came after winning the pro card in 2012, an achievement which earned her a qualification to participate in 2013 IFBB Pro Wings Of Strength that took place in Chicago. It is from the investment in the services of IFBB Pro Harold Marillier that earned her the overall championship title in the world in 2012. It is possibly arguable that Rene Campbell greatest win is that of the year 2011 UKBFF championships although by then she was not yet a Pro. She competed with established bodybuilders and surprisingly won and was therefore crowned the Miss UKBFF Ladies Physique Champion of the competition.

    Being a proud mother of two sons, Rene Campbell has regularly spoken of the profound bond she shares with them. She is not the kind of a professional that would give all her life in development of the career at the expense of her family, though unmarried. She also shares deep friendship with her mentor and coach Mr. Darren Deane who inspired her in the career. With all this success, it is therefore no doubt that Rene Campbell is one of the champions in female bodybuilding career.
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    She's something. I saw a short documentary on her. She cooks all her food for the week and places each chicken, broccoli and rice meal in a baggie. When it's time to eat, she dumps the baggie in a blender with a little water and makes a "meal shake". . .
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    I nearly had a muscle worship session with her 3-4 years ago, I had to cancel for some reason.

    I could kick myself.
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    I would like to see the documentary on her. Do you have a link Mondo?
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    Try a quick YouTube search...
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    Oh, I did and this is what I found:
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