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If you use the road you should pay...right?

jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
In Texas, Abbott has added a tax for EV drivers which would recoup $ for road repairs that is normally in the gas tax. 32 other states do this as well. What do you think?

Yeah those dirty EV snobs should pay for the roads they use or They should not have to because they are more enlightened people, better than the rabble that drive gas or diesel vehicles.



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Dec 25, 2010
Is this a EV charge station surcharge? That would make the most sense, I suppose if the real goal is to have drivers help pay for road repair in the state. I like better the idea of getting rid of the oil fuel tax. The less taxes the better.


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Aug 14, 2012
As a Texan and and a supporter our Gov. Abbott, I see this is fair. "Currently, Texas uses the gasoline/diesel fuel tax to fund transportation projects" This includes road repairs from the damage vehicles cause over time. EV cars use the roads and should not get out of paying to have them repaired and upgraded. That being said, you just don't see many EV cars here and probably won't in the future. In Texas we have a $0.20 gas tax per gallon. One of the cheapest taxes in America, we also have the cheapest gas in the USA. Compare that to Illinois $0.42, New Jersey $0.42 and California $0.54 . I believe all states use oil/gas taxes to fund roads and repairs. Imagine what is going to happen in California in 2035 when all gas cars are not allowed to be sold. Who will pay for road repairs when that happens? Ok, let go up on State tax.

From Gov Abbott, that Yahoo chose not to print......

"The State of Texas is working to ensure the transportation needs of our fast-growing state are met and that the safety of Texans on the roadways is protected," said Governor Abbott. "TxDOT's 2023 Unified Transportation Program is a critical step toward addressing the diverse needs of Texans in rural, urban, and metropolitan communities. This 10-year plan to address transportation needs statewide and dedicate $85 billion to improve roadways will be a huge boon to our state's infrastructure and booming economy."

Check this fact, out....Texas grew by over 4 million in 2022 — more than any other state. We here have had a huge increase in people leaving blue states because of high prices and out of control crime to move to places like Texas and Florida. Our economy is booming and there are plenty of jobs. The traffic here in Houston is just ridiculous as is the building of apartments and new homes. This means more roads have to built and as you see it is going to cost $85 billion over 10 years. The projects will be funded through legislative and voter-approved initiatives that allocate portions of oil and gas taxes, sales taxes, and other money to the state highway fund. Yes these initiatives were recently approved by the majority of voters living in Texas. You drive on the taxpayer funded roads and you will pay your fair share. If you don't like it, take your EV driving ass back to where you came from.

I certainly agree with less taxes but I at least want to see my tax money being spent on something besides taking care of illegal aliens.
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Sep 16, 2010
Texas is a business state, they are charging EV owners up front what they’d normally get in taxes. I don’t have a problem with that. Where my problem stems from is the tolls, property taxes, plus all the psycho drivers that have no clue how to drive. Let’s just cut across 4 lanes and hit 3 cars to make the exit. Or let’s go 90 on a side street…..


Jul 2, 2012
Orrr hear me out they can use the damn lottery like it was intended to be used for education and roads… fuck all these extra fees for “saving” the world… they want u to buy an ev to get u off the oil… but what they dont tell u is u get taxed just like ur using a gasoline vehichle… fuck em… as i drive away in my electric car


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Aug 17, 2011
Honestly any taxes like this are simply a cash grab.

Roads are essential infrastructure. Whether you drive or not you constantly need and use the roads.

Luxury taxes, gas taxes, sin taxes, ECT all need to be outlawed. If we're going to live in a world where income is taxed, this should be the only tax.
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