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    I know most Steroid discussion forum members take a pretty firm “anti” prohormone stance, myself inclulded. I must admit however, I have not researched PH’s to the degree that this “self proclaimed know-it-all” should have. I am starting to try and look past the obvious and investigate the chemistry and biology behind prohormones and test-boosters…in other words…I’m going to start to learn more about “legal steroids!” Read along, comment, ignore….basically, think what you will but I’m not going to discount steroid hormone precursors until I have learned as much as possible. Here is a little info to maybe get someone else interested. I will say this…if a mind like Patrick Arnold is intrigued by diones and diols….well, maybe there is more here than I assumed!

    Prohormones (PHs) in the essense is a chemical structure with a hormonal action that covert into any number of other things, including a sex hormone. If you think about it, all hormones are PHs by the simple rules of chemistry. What I mean is this…well…this link may explain it better than I can= “Steroid]Steroid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

    The below paragraph I found on Andro Cycles - Androstenedione Information and Effects Andro Cycles – Androstenedione Information and Effects explains the prohormone/prosteroid relationship so a layman such as myself can begin to grasp the chemistry.(1)

    “Prohormones in modern times (post 1994) have meant androgenic steroid precursors that convert into active androgens like testosterone and other steroids. Prosteroids are active androgens that work on their own without conversion, so for example testosterone and 1-testosterone are active androgens where androstenedione and 1-andro would be their prohormones. Prosteroids are simply active steroids. but unfortunately steroids are typically illegal due to chemical modifications. These steroids like M-Drol, Superdrol and other similar agents are active androgens that require no conversion. Also there can be synthetic steroids like H-Drol that require enzyme activation yet are chemically modified.”


    There are really two main enzymes that convert a prohormone to an active steroid are 3b-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase and 17b-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase.These enzymes act on the 3 carbon position or the 17 carbon position to make an active steroid. Basically, add or subtract carbon atoms at the correct position on the molecular structure of a hormone and that structure can change. For example: Androgens and Estrogens are chemically seperated by a single carbon atom. Check this neat chart I found on Wikipedia:


    Changing the position of the double bond also changes the activity of the prohormone as well as what enzymes can act on it. Testosterone is a “4-ene” steroid, meaning it has a double bond at the 4 position as shown here. (1)

    I know, this is almost stupid to discuss, but it really is intriuging if you read up on it. Based on the “route of conversion” a prohormone takes they can be similar to anabolic steroids, even convert into the “bigdaddy of sex hormones” testosterone, but they are limited due to enzymes needed to complete this “transformation!” Everyone has different body chemistry, so I believe this is why I have seen person A. take the same PH as person B. and end up with totally different results!!

    I would love to have some feedback guys….aside from the toxicity I have to admit that most hybrids from the original “Superdrol” (I believe by Anabolic Xtreme), yeild results very near Anadrol but that’s just my observations. I am posting this hoping to open a dialog about PHs. I am also researching SARMs, so anyone who wants to chat about the poor underated selective androgenic receptor modulator….lets chew the fat on that topic also!

    Thanks to my main reference:

    (1) Andro Cycle Online Andro Cycles - Androstenedione Information and Effects Andro Cycles – Androstenedione Information and Effects

    (2) Wikipedia: File:Steroidogenesis.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgen]Androgen -


    Last thing…I read this in an article by the guy that publish “AndroCycle.com” and I thought it was extremely important for anyone using PHs or AAS!

    “Contrary to what you think you need all of your steroid hormones, including cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and dehydro-testosterone to live. When steroid hormones get out of balance though, you may not feel optimal. For example environmental toxins like BPA and Parabens reduce the ability of the body to make testosterone and also act like estrogen in the body, which can cause men to feel the effects of low testosterone. Additionally, other environmental estrogens like pesticides can throw off the Estrogen to Androgen ratio which would make you appear “healthy” on a blood test, but change the ratio of estrogenic to androgenic agents in the body. This bombardment of estrogenic agents in the diet and in environmental waste products makes it important for men above 21 to supplement with androgen prohormones to look and feel their best. With proper androgen prohormones it is possible to reclaim our masculinity and reverse the damaging effects of estrogen, which are increased fat deposits, loss of sex drive, lost feelings of well being and depressed moods.”
    Goes to show that 1) Always get your blood work ; 2) Always run a PCT (an educated fact based PCT) ; and 3) Always seek help if you think you’ve messed your body chemistry up to the point where physical and/or mental health problems can start interfering with a normal healthy life!!!

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    This was a really good read bigrobbie. I was just reseraching Superdrol because I keep seeing it on ugl lists in oil so it must be useful. I know there is some confusion on prohormones because some of them are not precursors but are actually active steroid. Superdrol interests me because it's just a methylated form of masteron but has one of the highest q ratios I have ever seen, 20 times as anabolic as androgenic. I remember Arnie saying in his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding that orals were better and now I see methylation does something to anabolic/androgenic ratios because Superdol sure as hell isn't the same as Masteron.
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    Always liked Superdrol

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