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Discussion in 'Members' Pics and Videos' started by Aleksandar, May 17, 2018.

  1. Aleksandar

    Aleksandar New Member

    May 17, 2018
    Hey guys, i'm new around here..
    I'm currently prepping for my first show and right now im around the end of my bulk at 90kg 183cm and I would guess at 15% bf.
    My question is, do you think I will look good when I cut or not?
    Im going for junior bodybuilding or physique up to 23yrs ( im 18).
    Here are some recent photos


    Thanks in advance!
  2. Rider

    Rider TID Board Of Directors

    Aug 27, 2010
    You have a solid base, and I believe your lower than 15% bodyfat based on those pics. Excellent progress for only 18.

    Tell us more about your lifting experience and nutritional routine.
  3. rawdeal

    rawdeal TID Board Of Directors

    Nov 29, 2013
    Great frame for bodybuilding. Some things you can add to over the years, and some you just are unlucky or very lucky. You're gonna turn out like a Dennis Wolfe one of these days.
  4. Lizard King

    Lizard King Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 9, 2010
    Really solid base and def sub 15%.
  5. two_slug

    two_slug VIP Member

    Mar 7, 2012
    You have a good foundation and have made good gains for your age. You're comparable to guys your age I've seen in local, natural shows, so you should be fine. Just make sure to start off your diet and prep early, where you can cut slowly while maintaining as much lbm as possible.
    Have you started planning you prep yet?

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