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Oct 25, 2011
This is just an article I wrote. I haven't published it anywhere yet and I probably won't. Writing is one of the things I find very fulfilling. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. It's about six pages long, so it's a quick read, even though very long for a forum post. It starts of sounding very political, but it's a manifesto of a different sort by the time all is said and done.

So here it is...

This Means War​

When you’re living in a loathsome society, worn down by constant exposure to filth, you feel called to act. Well, that’s what I’m doing. I ask myself, what have I done to make this a better place for my children? What can I do?

“Speak up motherfucker.” That’s the response my inner voice gives me from the caverns of my soul. Speak up. It’s scary, knowing that a voice of reason and virtue goes against everything our "elected" “leaders” and the chosen elite want us to hear. This will almost certainly be received by a blitzkrieg of attacks from those people.

But I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if the majority of people I meet will hold fast to the filthy norm. We saw how they responded to a movie designed to expose the terrible reality of child sex slavery. That was something we all thought we could agree on, but apparently not. And now they are chanting in the public square for another holocaust. If We stand up and say it’s wrong to cut our children’s dicks off, we are committing genocide. But when terrorists call for the murder of all the Jews, the militant left falls right in line with them.

I just want to illuminate who we are actually dealing with.
These people would have you believe that morals are wrong, a man is a woman, a woman is a man, black is white and fat is beautiful. Those are the ones who want you to believe that if you have principles and a moral compass, you are alone. They want us silenced. They want you to believe that you are the misfit. They want you to be afraid to speak up; to stand against evil.

So, what am I talking about here? What is the flame that compels me to speak?


There are few things that have done as much damage to individuals, and society, as pornography. There is no way to quantify the contamination caused by this repugnant, destructive medium. But let’s speculate just a little. Religious folks tend to focus on the “sin” of pornography. You Know, God is going to smite you for such a horrid transgression.

But that’s not my angle.

Let me just start by telling you about my experiences with pornography. I grew up in a very religious household. It wasn’t oppressive. My parents weren’t hypocrites. They didn’t brainwash me into imagining that God is a spiteful and angry guy that lives in the sky and looks down to smite the unbelievers and infidels. God was a benevolent God. One who loves all of us unconditionally.

Unless you masturbate.

I remember well the time when my mother gave me the lesson on what happens when we die. She told me of a kingdom in God’s realm that was full of light, happiness and truth. Where we would bask in the presence of His spirit. It was God’s mission to bring as many of us back to His presence as he could. We were not created at birth. We had lived in His presence for millennia. And a very personal God wanted me back.

Unless I masturbated.

Ah, the terrifying declaration she made on that day. “Boys do not masturbate! Boys do not masturbate!!” She was wagging her finger in our faces, with a look on her face that ran right past disgust and turned into repulsion.

I was introduced to pornography and taught how to masturbate when I was 6 years old. So there’s that. And no, it wasn’t my father or an uncle or anything like that. It was a case of one child teaching the other what she had learned at the hands of an adult. So there's that.

Anyway, if there's a point to be made after all this banter it is this... The things men have done throughout history. The things that have made our history great, are the things great men have done in order to get one thing. The most sanctimonious and sacred of sacred. Pussy. The history books are full of great inventions and great achievements of great men who all wanted one thing. Pussy.

If Isaac Newton had a smart phone and access to Pornhub, he never would have seen that apple fall. He never would have invented gravity, or anything of the sort. First of all, he was outside, a novel idea in this day and age. Then he was actually present in the moment. Something that escapes us time and time again because of our damned phones.

Then he saw the apple fall. He was so so hell bent on making himself into something that women would desire, that he figured out what the fuck made that apple fall to the earth instead of floating around like a deadly fart. A fart waiting for some undeserving person to walk right into.

God I curse the day when I let one go, and not ten seconds later my coworker, who is quite cute by the way, came walking on through. To this day I don't know how she held back the tears. Because that one was the kind that'd make your damn eyes water.

And she said nothing. The worst punishment of all.

She could have at least said "damn, it smells like an infected wound in here." Or something, to where I could say "yes that was me. God do I regret it now."

Because I never would have parted ways with that puff of putrid air if I thought there was even the slightest hint-of-a-chance that she'd come waltzing through just like she did.

God I hate myself sometimes. But don't we all. Anyway, back to Isaac Newton.

Listen, all we can do now is speculate, but I suspect that he wasn't good at sports. He didn't play the guitar, and he certainly couldn't sing worth a damn.

But he still needed pussy. Just like the rest of us.

The point I'm trying to make is that the very reason porn is so damaging is because it lets a man satisfy himself without ever even having to try; without having to make something of himself. It's not just damaging to the individual in question, it damages us all. Because who is going to build great cities anymore? I'm seriously asking, because I think humanity is in serious trouble here.

Today a man can see more pussy in ten minutes than a real winner would ever see in his entire life a hundred years ago. And I'm talking about a guy who checks all the boxes. He's damn handsome. He has straight teeth and a dashing smile. He gets up early and does pushups like his life depends on them. And... Wait for it. In addition to the good looks and stellar physique, the dude has game. I mean some serious game. The kind I never even had a hope to die for before I was married.

Isn't it a cruel world that we live in? The very fact that I had absolutely zero game until after I was wed, proves that it's so.

And back to our dashing lad with all that game, good looks, and swagger. I mean this guy is so good that he remains humble. But mother-fuckers know not to cross him, just because he has that much presence in any room we might walk into.

And get this. He's also got money. Not the kind of money he was just born into, but the blood sweat and tears kind. The kind that means he got up early day after day and gave all his attention to his boss voice, and not his bitch voice. The kind of motherfucker that stacked up win after win, day in and day out. More often than any other, those wins were conquering self. Becoming the master of his own impulse and laziness. This guy doesn't even know what the word apathy means. You dig?

He's had to work hard for his now mighty empire. His hands are still soft enough that when he puts them on a woman she appreciates it. But he's got just a few calluses right where the dumbbells go. Because this fucker gets up early and hits the iron every fucking day. Because anything less would be letting himself down.

His first business was what you'd typically call a failure. His second business didn't win him much pussy either. But the third one put him square between a woman's beautiful legs more than once.

He doesn't have a high body count. But I'll tell you this. Every woman he's ever fucked wanted to marry him afterward. He seriously commanded attention in the bedroom. And he learned very early on to pay attention to a woman's body language. When she really liked something he was doing to her, he did more of that. One might like gentle cunnilingus, and the other might prefer steady waves of being fucked from behind while she was laying on her stomach. The kind of thing where she'd flex her back in just such a way that it helped him get even deeper inside her.

The kind of thing where she'd report having sore muscles the next day, but she came over again the next night to get more. And we’re not talking at 8 o’clock. She’d get off the night shift at 3am and the first thing she did was head to his house.

When he'd eventually cum inside her, the only words that came out of her mouth were "holy fucking shit."

Because he's a gentleman, he'd use lube to get started, but by the time they were half done she'd be so wet that her ass and thighs were slippery.

And God is that a great and glorious thing. When you can make a woman cum over and over until she's nearly in double digit orgasms before you let loose. Deep inside her sopping wet, tight as a drum, sanctuary of a pussy.

I'm talking the kind with perfect little lips.

No box of beef tongues on this gal. Everything looks just like it should. Smells sweet and fresh as a morning in the fall. And tastes, well there's no smell, so there is no taste, but God if it isn't the best tasting thing on this whole fucking planet.

She makes that magical face when he licks her clit from side to side. The kind where you know it's on the razor's edge of being outright too much for her. But if you know what you're doing you can walk that delicate line. Not too much for her, but all she can handle. You know the kind where she's got her eyes closed and she's biting her lip. She's not moaning aloud, because she's too shy for such nonsense. But good sacred Lord her face is a beautiful sight. And when you reach around her leg because you can't live another second without her breast in your hand, oh my. They look so amazing when she's on her back.

But you keep one hand right where a good boy scout knows it should be. Helping spread her pussy just enough to where you can really devour her clit. Not too hard mind you. Right on that razor's edge, walking that delicate line. Because nothing gets you more turned on than making her cum so goddamn hard that you can see her anus clench.

Which is where you really want to put your tongue next, but as I said, she's shy, so you respect that. You just barely come close to licking her asshole, but you never actually lay your tongue upon that territory because, quite frankly, she never asked you to. But God if she said it was okay... You'd spread her amazing ass, that she doesn't think is that amazing (even though it's terribly amazing), and lovingly devour her asshole in a way that says "okay I'm not going to push my luck here. I know that even though your asshole is just for decoration (because I already know that women don't shit). Even though it's clean as a spring of water from the Canadian mountains, I understand that rimming makes you uncomfortable. So I won't linger with the analingus. I'm going to give it a few loving circles with my tongue and then get right back to your pussy. Something we can both agree deserves my full attention. I'd love to to put just the tip of my finger inside your asshole. But I honestly do not have any desire to violate your precious precious-thing-of-beauty with anything more than that, so don't stress."

What I really love, what I do just for me, not for her, is to put my tongue as deep inside her pussy as I possibly can. I swear to you I'd slurp up her wetness even if it came running out of her like when Moses struck the rock with his staff. That, to me, is an equal miracle.

A woman's body is something to be treated with the highest respect. It's the most beautiful thing on earth after all. And while worshiping it in every way that it deserves, I devour it.

Anyway, so our handsome gentleman makes love just like I do apparently.

At this point we might as well admit that he's lived more recently than a hundred years ago. Let's say he's alive today. He even has a smartphone, but the only things he uses it for are business and to purchase gifts for his wife when she least expects them.

I guess he's married now too. He found one sexy woman that he knew was far better than he deserved. Not only that, he knew damn well he'd never ever be able to do better than her. Because she checked all the boxes too. Including a little body that had just the right degree of firmness, yet still had that softness and jiggle that makes a woman what a woman should be. The softer sex.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that guy, assuming he doesn't EVER look at porn. A man like that has to work, and achieve, and become, and provide, and protect and make his woman laugh and be all those things. If he has access to pornography and he takes that route to quench that God given thirst, he will become none of those things. Not one of them.

His drive for the most amazing thing God ever created... Woman, is what makes him who and what he is. Quench that thirst with a few clicks of a mouse, and you have none of the things I have described him to be. Except the straight teeth. But his body will be soft like a woman's should be. His first failure of a business, his second attempt, and the one where he invents renewable energy that actually works… One without the damn government giving it billions in funding to prop it up. Billions which mostly go back into their filthy coffers by the way. With pornography in the mix, he never has to achieve any of these things. So he doesn't.

And for the record, it would have to be some form of nuclear energy. I know that's a little tangent, but it's something everyone who's in the business of accepting truth knows.

None of that ever even happens if he has pornography. It erases his godly ordained need to spread his seed. That is why I don't hold with the bullshit line that says "as long as it's between consenting adults there's no harm done."

There is absolutely very real and significant harm done. There is harm to the man. He never becomes his best. There is harm to us all. He never invents the thing he had to invent in order to get pussy, because it was right there on his phone whenever he wanted it.

He never needed to achieve in order to get off. That handsome lad never becomes his best and we never get clean renewable nuclear energy. And it's all because of Zafira and her dildo.


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Aug 13, 2013
Self control is the key. Porn is just like crack, crime, the easy way (etc.). Porn is blameless, it is mastery of self you seek and it does not require the destruction of porn. And yes Zafira was a lovely thing to behold.


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Nov 29, 2013
I only got in a Zafira once, but it was b4 all the trouble with the air bags.


Jun 12, 2023
Sounds like an article for a conservative Playboy type magazine lol jk
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