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I hope everybody is voting blue, or writing in names....for the sake of the country



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Sep 21, 2011
Lets Go Newsom, Hochul, Whitmer, Abrams, Pritzker, Kelly, Lujan, Sisolak!

Let's go Warnock, AOC, Bennett, Hassan, Schumer, Masto!

I can already read and hear the republicans crying out how the elections are rigged.

It's a perfect set-up for that crying fat orange POS Trump, who will announce he is running again next week, but yet, become another loser in 2024. I get so sick of him crying about 2020 and foul-play. DeSantis will do the same once he decides to run for President, he is like a lite version of trump, but just younger with a hot wife. Fukk Trump, even Kevin McCarthy knows he is FOS. Kevin will fukk up any of Trump's plans, and it will be glorious. I can't even imagine how much of an ass-whoopin' Joe Biden would put on the tRUMP train if he was just 10 years younger, he is beating him with only a few cells working in his head. Newsom will win 2024 easily, if not, he will derail DeSantis down the road....either Newsom or the great Michelle Obama!

Lets vote out the red for good, and vote either blue, or write in other names. Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy!
genetic freak

genetic freak

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Dec 28, 2015
I went to Walmart and bought a Turkey, a Ham, 1/2 gallon of Almond Milk, a box of 60 eggs, 12 pack of toilet paper and a Rockstar energy drink. Came out to $100.91... A couple years ago, I could buy a week's worth of groceries for that.

Even better, on the way I stopped to get diesel, because I was on a half a tank and spent $89.84 there... A couple years ago I was paying $1.68 a gallon for diesel, now I am paying $4.99.

Oh and I got my Personal Property Tax Statement in for the year. It went up $300, despite my property depreciating in value.

Pretty sure I know how to vote.


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Sep 30, 2011
You Bastard...................LMFAO
What ya gotta do see is get one of them there 'coding' jobs or a "green" career, hey c'mon why are you dumb bastards not laughing that was a joke.


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May 23, 2011
CRAP!! I read that post earlier and I understand that we all don't agree on the same ideology but damn dude you had me looking for another board LOL. I didn't realize that this place was taken over by brain-dead libs. I don't fully agree with party-line voting but my current financial situation has never ever been this bleak. The past 2 years have absolutely ruined everything I've worked for. YES, some of this is poor planning on my end but when the economy is this bad my business suffers more than most. My work is based 90+% on disposable income. Hell, during the 2008 Great Recession I didn't even blink an eye and actually came out ahead in some areas.

I don't like the Good Ole' Boy mentality but geezzz it's way better than a fat bunch of libs telling me what is good for me and lying right to my face.
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