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Mar 17, 2017
Highly dependent on some other factors I would say.

Where are you at now? What do you look like, whats your bf %, current lifting routine, supplements, aas or other peds,

Whats you diet like?


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Feb 27, 2011
well thanks for the correction by then saying pretty much the same thing. must be nice being so fucking smart...........
I didn't say the same as you at all mouth. You implied that using glycogen stores causes the body to use fat. You don't need to burn off glycogen to tap into fat as energy. Just exercise in a way that leaves oxygen plentiful.

Nice attitude though.


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Dec 20, 2017
its pretty ignorant to think that its just as easy to burn fat with glycogen stores as it is to without. body will always go to the easiest source first which is glycogen. with fat being the hardest for the body to tap into it only makes sense, common sense, to make it 'optimal' for the body to tap into those fat stores. a basic question was asked and yes it is definitely 'optimal' to do low level cardio AFTER weight training with the addition of bcaa during training. theres a reason professional body builders have a treadmill or stationary bike in the there bedrooms so they climb out of bed and do low level cardio with depleted glycogen stores and/or they do it after training. of course there are always outside factors both controllable and not. taking advantage of an optimal situation as ive explained so a 5yr old can understand so it may take a few more trys for your 'I'm so smart look at me and how complicated I can make a simple issue ATITUDE! lest see how many more big words with big letters you can use to make a very simple issue complicated. DAH PEACE OUT.........................


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Sep 15, 2015
I can't give you much of the 'science' but from a females perspective I can offer some advice and points to consider. I've been training for over 5 years and first of all you cannot and will not turn into she-hulk. Trust me! Not knowing anything about your training or diet, it is hard to give you advice but I would suggest you reduce your cardio and focus on building a solid weight training routine with minimal cardio. Also, most likely as a female your diet is not what it should be your probably under eating or not eating a good split,(I'm assuming so if I'm wrong I apologize) I track macros and that works for me but you may find another method works for you. You need to be consuming a well rounded diet with enough calories to sustain a bodybuilding program. Look at your cardio as more of a movement goal, for me personally I use a fit bit and work to get my 10K steps a day, when I want to start increasing cardio I look to get additional steps or add in more intensive cardio sessions. I look at my physique as: #1 Diet, #2 Weights, #3 Cardio
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